June 8, 2016

#ReadMyOwnDamnBooks - I Finally Made an Update Post!


As you may have noticed, I've been super slack about blogging lately. I was just telling Allison a few minutes ago that I think, at least in part, it has to do with my increase in physical activity. I was severely disabled up until almost the end of 2015.  Now, thanks to a very long stint in Physical Therapy, I am able to work out at the gym, go shopping briefly, cook a quick meal, walk the trails in my town.  I don't know how to convey how much that empowers me and makes me do happy dances.

However, as I was saying to Allison, I think this increase in physical activity has left me a bit wanting on the mental activity side. I feel like I am too drained to write meaningful posts most days. HOWEVER, I HAVE been reading. After that long, dreadful, drawn-out reading slump I am super pumped about being a bookworm again.  

Several of the books I have been reading have been from my own shelves, thanks to Andi's ingenious reading project, #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks!  Here is a list of what I've read of my own so far this year:

 Out of 34 books read so far this year, I've read 7 of my own books.  That is
While I am more of a spontaneous, go by my whims sort of reader, I do have a couple books I really want to read this summer:  

I am currently in the middle of Death Beckons and I'm 80 pages shy of finishing Outlander.  Technically, The Fictional 100 and The Summer Guest were both gifts, but gifts are still on my shelves and so they count, right? I am a bit over halfway with both.

The Girls of Atomic City, Wench, Hearten (Bayou Bears #2), and Wuthering Heights are all books I have yet to start, but which I want to get to this summer.

What books of your own have you read lately?
Which of your own damn books are you planning on reading next?

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