April 15, 2016

This Book Took Me From Hurrah to Nah

I liked this book at first. A plot about a future with no books, no words, and an adventure to restore its luster.  However, it went downhill after about the 1/4 mark.  Here's why I ended up not liking it:

1) Lack of world-building.  There were Vales and Sovereigns and Risings and volumes to collect and mysterious distances and people freaked out by other people.  But not one of these things was really elaborated on and it quickly became confusing.  I would have made an outline, but, in all honesty, I didn't care enough.

2) The concept is incredible - a future where there are no books and no one can read and words/text have been outlawed.  Sounds amazing, right?  Except something is lacking in the background information.  The reader just isn't enough of a grip to understand what is really happening in the present, nor the past.  It is just kind of vague. 

3) Info Dumps - And when something IS expanded upon, it is done so in a big ol' info dump.  It's poured out to the reader all at once after chapters of hardly any information at all.  Not. A. Fan.

4) John (a small spoiler alert on this one) - John was not around long enough for me to feel any kind of connection to him at all, or at least feel the connection between him and Noelle.  Logically I understand it, but the author did not make me feel it.  I could care less he was replaced and speaking of...

5) Ledger - I could also care less about Ledger.  I am not interested in what he really is, or how he feels about Noelle or she about him (which don't even get me started on how this makes zero sense), and I don't understand what he really added to the story other than as a companion and love interest.  The intent is clearly for him to be a big part of the story, but he is completely expendable to me.

Have you read this book?  What did you think?

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