February 18, 2016

#BBAW: Community Connection


I am a big fan of the book blogger community.
I love keeping in touch any way I can.

I love to keep up with my friends and blogging peers on Twitter.  Everyone is so interesting on Twitter.  What I really love about Twitter is everyone talks about everything.  We get into really amazing Twitter discussions. Sometimes there are so many ppl in one discussion it is hard to say anything in the characters that are leftover after all the handles. Those are the best.  And Twitter parties and Twitter chats?  Love them. I think Twitter is the best social media platform hands down and it is definitely where the book bloggers hang out. 

Instagram wasn't around when I began blogging but it has quickly become one of my fave platforms. I know Snapchat is the new thing these days but I still just don't really know how to use it properly. Snapchat is very "of the moment" "what you are doing this very nanosecond" and quite frankly I am sitting at home in my pjs so you know no one needs to see that.  Instagram is more like here is something I really wanted to share with you.  It may be of the nanosecond or it may be something I was doing earlier today or maybe it is sharing a quote from a book I'm reading or whatever.  I like that it is more laid-back. I'm not the flashiest, most staged photo so everything is beautiful person, but, like my blogging style, it's real and it's me being myself. 
I love following book bloggers on IG because my feed is filled with books and book quotes and bookstores and author signings and all the awesomeness that comes with being a book lover.  I get to know my fellow bloggers in ways that I might not have otherwise -

I know who is a fashionista (Andi & Andi & Isalys), 
a foodie (Jen & Bryan & Sharlene),
an artist or crafter (Heather & Jenn), 
tight with their family (Gautami & Michelle Erin), 
who loves their pets (Tamara & Kelly), 
who loves selfies (Pam & Katie K.), 
who is a photographer in their own right (BethFishReads & Rory).  
And it goes on and on.  We are well-rounded people, who knew?


For a while, I got stuck in a rut and quit commenting as much, which bummed me out because I am HUGE on commenting. I've written about it several times both here and on Book Bloggers International. And here I was neglecting it. For SHAME.  I think it was my Friday Shout-Outs. I was trying to cram as much reading of the blogs in as I could, but I wasn't stopping to comment on many of them and that has now made me pretty sad.  So I am coming at ya with the comments!  Watch out now!


I have had the greatest pleasure in meeting several bloggers IRL. It is my personal goal to take a cross-country trip and visit even more of you.  (Sorry, Mandy, I love you, but I need to save a lot more money to make it to Australia! Boo. I know.)
So far I have met:

Heather aka Capricious Reader
Sandie of Booksie's Blog
Kristen of BookNAround
Tanya of Mom's Small Victories
Care of Care's Books and Pie
Lenore of Presenting Lenore

Is that everyone? I feel like I'm forgetting someone. :/


If you are on there, come find me, though I feel often times it is a way to connect without the effort of conversing, if that makes sense.  We just kind of check out each others' reads & reviews and go about our days.


So, I totally forgot and left out my favorite way to communicate with other bloggers, and that is the Book Bloggers Do It Better Discussion Group on Facebook. It's my brain child and I forgot about it.  Sounds reasonable. ;P  Bryan and Tif remembered and I'm like oh yeah how could I leave that out?!?  If you don't know what it is, it is a group on FB that is for book bloggers only - no authors, no PR, no pubs, no other kinds of bloggers or even just readers.  It's only book bloggers. And we use the community to ask questions, give advice, bounce ideas off each other, and discuss things happening in the community.  It's pretty awesome and I hope you come chat with us!

How do you like to keep in touch with other bloggers?

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