January 2, 2016

2015 Reading Stats and 2016 Resolutions


I have the results of my first year of keeping a reading stats spreadsheet - and I don't like what I see!
Not enough diversity!

So that influenced one of my 2016 resolutions.  Check out what the rest of them are and share with me your own!

NOTE: If you see overlaps in numbers, it is because a book had more than one author or more than one character or more than one setting.

RE-READS: 1 (The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver)

AUTHOR NATIONALITY: I didn't pay particular attention to these, which shows.  I care more about the character's diversity than the author's diversity.  However, I would like to see this graph become a little more diverse.

I definitely broadened these stats!

PUBLISHERS: I read a wide variety of publishers and imprints, hardly any of the books shared, which was pretty interesting.  Harper Perennial and Harper Collins had the most, but even that was 5 books.  I read from publishers like Grand Central Publishing, Thomas & Mercer, Top Shelf, Berkley Trade, University of Iowa Press, Simon & Schuster, Harlequin Teen, Penguin/NAL, Other Press, Chronicle Books, Little Brown and Co, Batsford, Amazon, and Scribner to name a few.

2016 - 1
2015 - 31
2014 - 16
2013 - 7
2012 - 4
2011- 5
2010 - 1
2000 - 2009 - 7
20th century - 5
19th century - 2
18th century and before -1

I'd like these to be a little more diverse.


These are more diverse than I thought they would be.  Most of my fiction is YA, Hist. Fic., and Fantasy/Paranormal, which is no surprise, but I thought the slices would be bigger.  My NF came mostly in the form of memoirs/biographies, also no surprise, but I thought I had read more histories.  I want to increase that slice.


May this be the year I read less to no PDFs.  Even though some of them were really good books, I hate reading PDFs. 


I am excited because I reached my 2015 goal of reading less review books than not for review.  I read 38 books for review and 42 not for review.  I would still like to read more books from my own TBR, even though I'm glad I utilized my library well.

I read 55 stand alone books and 25 were part of a series.

These are less diverse than they were last year, but still not too terrible.  I want to read more from those slimmer or non-existent slices of the pie in 2016.

I would love to read more books from a male POV.


This has to be the most disappointing of all the stats.  I have noticed that all my review books, save a couple, have featured white characters.  I read much more diversely when I read my own books or visit the library.  I also want to pay closer attention and organize better because a couple of those "unknowns" (light blue) are actually "can't even remember" because I updated the list too late. 


Translations - 2  (Plus 1 written in Scottish dialect, which felt nearly needing to be translated!)
Culture- 15
Religions - 7
Disabilities - 5
Military/Wartime - 6
Elderly Characters - 3
Orphan and/or Diff. Family Dynamics - 3
Socioeconomic Situation - Extreme Poverty (3)  Royalty or Extreme Wealth (3)
Multiple POV - 5
Prisoners - 2
Daughter of a Prisoner - 1
Animal POV - 1
Non-Human POV - 1

The most diverse book I read is without a doubt About a Girl by Sarah McCarry.  3 different LGBTQ situations, including transgender, diverse family dynamics, adoption, multiple different races and cultures, immigrants -- all done exceptionally well and believably.  It was incredible. 


1) Read 85 books.  This was my 2015 goal and, as I said, I missed the mark. Back to the drawing, er, reading board!

2) Reading Challenges - The same perpetual ones I have been working on - Travel the World in Books, Century of Books, and The Classics Club - but also a couple new ones that are actually the same thing.

My Reader's Block is hosting the Mount TBR Challenge and Andi is hosting ReadMyOwnDamnBooks Challenge.  I am thinking the two together will shame me into actually sticking to this plan.

3)  I slacked on writing reviews and discussion posts this year. I want to get back on track in 2016.  I also want to create more music posts.

4) Read more diversely than I did in 2015.

CREATIVE RESOLUTIONS: (In which I give myself pep talks. Several of them.)

1) Draw more.  Draw as much as possible.  Do not be a freaking perfectionist about it, just do the act of drawing.  It's okay if it doesn't come out perfect.  Just keep doing it.

2) Make Mia's (my niece) birthday and Christmas presents again this year.  They love it and you love making them.  So there.  Make it happen.

3) Work on the children's book you've been talking about writing for like 3 years now.  Rough draft it.  Edit it.  You don't have to publish it if it freaks you out, just write the thing.


1) Continue going to PT.  I might not graduate this year, either, but I'm going to continue to kick this chronic pain's ass.  Slowly, but with fervor.

2) After knee PT is over, re-join the gym and cycle again.

3) Now that I can stand for longer than 1-4 minutes, I want to begin cooking again and eating healthier.  When you can't stand or walk for longer than a few minutes it is hard to eat right, especially getting enough protein.  As I continue to conquer my chronic pain, I will be able to stand long enough to cook meals.  I am pretty excited about this!  Pretty soon I will be all:

4) Participate in FitReaders this year because I finally can! 


1) Continue re-learning French and Spanish on Duolingo.  Get to 50% fluency on both languages.

2) Try at least 12 new things this year, one for each month of the year.

I picked FORWARD for my word this year because that is what I want to do - continue moving FORWARD.  My life has been very stagnant the past couple of years as my disabilities took over my life.  I worked extremely hard in 2015 to not make that the case anymore, and I achieved it!  Go me!!!

Now, I want to continue that momentum.  I want to keep pushing the boundaries of what my disabilities will allow me to do.  I want to continue to work my literal ass off (not that I have one) and continue to defy my fibromyalgia and degenerative joint disease and my collapsed vertebrae and, well, KICK ITS ASS.

So bring it on, 2016, because I am going to be bringing it this year myself.

What are your New Year's goals or resolutions?? 

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