December 9, 2015

Review: Pure Soapmaking

If you've ever considered learning about the process of soapmaking, this is definitely the book to get.  It has SO much information from every basic you need to know to create a basic bar, to ideas for cool designs once you get the basics mastered. There are also gorgeous, brilliant photographs to show you every step of the way.

Some things I learned:

1) Choose heat-resistant glass over wooden tools because wooden tools degrade over time and eventually can splinter into the soap.  I hadn't even thought of that, but lye is much less forgiving for your tools so it makes perfect sense.  Whatever you do, don't use aluminum, unless you enjoy creating poisonous gases.

2) There is so much more chemistry involved than I realized.

3) Saponification is a word.  Different oils have different saponification values.  It's a whole thing.

4) Faiola explains what all kinds of various ingredients will do from adding moisture to color to texture to scent to lather.  She explains the properties of clay, colloidal oatmeal, sustainable palm oil, avacado oil, cocoa butter, macadamia nut oil, hempseed oil, coffee grounds, animal fat, honey, herbal extracts, pigments and oxides, nettle leaf powder - it was almost overwhelming how many ingredients you could choose - but in a good way!  Such good information to help you create many various soaps. 

5) There is a whole section for designing your own soaps.  She also includes safety warnings - things NOT to include.  Very good info to have.

The best part is that Faiola includes RECIPES.  Try your hand at tried and true versions before going your own way. 

I recommend purchasing the print version of this book.  You'll definitely want to be able to have it open before you to reference through the process.  

Overall, this is just a really phenomenal book and I want it in print so I can really take my time and go over every detail and get all sorts of super crafty!!!

Or I really hope to be.

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