November 11, 2015

Review: Me, My Hair, and I

Me. My Hair, and I is a new essay collection all about the cultural and societal differences between women, boiled down to one thing most women share - worrying about their hair. 

It's very interesting how culture and self-esteem are so entangled, if you will, in women's lives.  The stories are all about hair, but you realize how many different stories about hair there can be.  Everything from stories of a Hindu Bengali without thick, black hair,  to a woman going through chemotherapy, to hair issues during menopause, to the unfortunate drama that comes from trying to tame curly hair.  All kinds of races, ethnicities, ages, hair types, and hair styles are represented.

Although I felt some of the essays were long-winded, and some were very similar to other essays, overall it's an interesting collection worth reading for the exposure to a variety of women from all walks of life.


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