November 9, 2015

Nonfiction November: Week 2 - Book Pairings

Leslie is hosting this week.  Today we are talking Book Pairings!

Book Pairing: Match a fiction book with a nonfiction book that you would recommend or would like to read.

How fun is THAT?!?

 Golden's tale of the Japanese Geisha, Sayuri, remains one of my favorite books.  I learned so much about Japanese culture and the Geisha, but Iwasaki tells us even more.

 Isabella of Castille is a force in her own right. If you liked Gorner's tale, read the NF version, too.

John Green dedicated his book to Esther, a 16yo who shared her journal pages, etc. on her cancer experience.

What are some fiction-nonfiction book pairings you've come up with?

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