September 21, 2015

What I'm Reading 9.21.15

I thought the 10-hour trip to my great uncle and aunt's house would lend me some reading time since I was not driving. I usually can read in the car without trouble.  However, I was having a fibro flare-up and I was dizzy pretty much the entire trip down there.  On the way back, I did do better, but still not as well as I had hoped. I am still having a flare-up of fatigue mostly and did not catch up this weekend, either. Well, we can't be on target all the time, right?

Tell me your thoughts on what I'm reading and what you're reading, too!

About a Girl: A Novel by Sarah McCarry
# of Pages: 256
This Week: 88-100%
Pages Read This Week: 31
Review coming soon.

 The Vagabond Vicar by Charlotte Brentwood
# of Pages: 279
This Week: 61-100%
Pages Read This Week: 109
Review to come.



Nothing But Your Memories by H.B. Clementine
On pg. 73 of 131
Pages Read This Week:0
Thoughts This Week: Didn't get to it this week.

The Girl from Krakow: A Novel by Alex Rosenberg
On pg. 67 of 442
Pages Read This Week:12
Thoughts This Week: I am not a fan of the organization of this story. First chapter is about the girl, then three chapters about the guy she's having an affair with, then back to her again in chapter five. It's inconsistent, but also disorganized. Who even remembers her anymore?

 A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn
# of Pages:352
This Week: 27-34%
Pages Read This Week: 24
Thoughts This Week: She's bold and snarky and smart. What's not to like?

Not on Fire, But Burning by Greg Hrbek
# of Pages:275
This Week: 10-17%
Pages Read This Week: 19
Thoughts This Week: Fascinating.  Just simply fascinating.

none right now

Crocodile on the Sandbank (Amelia Peabody #1) by Elizabeth Peters
*Rec'd by my Mom*
On pg. 121 of 262
Pages Read: 31
Thoughts This Week: This is about a mummy. what's the deal with the crocodile, I wonder?

Mort (Discworld #4) by Terry Pratchett

*Mandy recommended*
On pg. 60 of 295
Pages Read: 41
Thoughts This Week: So interesting. I like that Death (the character) is funny.

NON-ARCs from TBR Pile (For Fun):
aka Slower Reads generally

The Goddess Test (Goddess Test #1) by Aimee Carter
On pg. 92 of 293
Pages Read This Week: 59
Thoughts This Week: Compulsively readable.

Into the Mummy's Tomb, edited by John Richard Stephens
*For R.I.P. X*
On pg. 75 of 352
Pages Read This Week: 12
Thoughts This Week: Read Tennessee Williams' story, which he wrote at 16. I loved it.


Total Books Currently Reading: 9
Total Books Read in 2015: 58
Pages Read This Update: 338
Total Pages Read in 2015: 18,422

One of these will be next.

~Have you read any of the books I'm reading?  What did you think of it? 
~What are you reading right now?  
~What did you just finish?  
~What book are you looking forward to reading next?  

Share in the comments!!!

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