September 9, 2015

Review: A History of Glitter and Blood by Hannah Moskowitz

The first thing you need to understand about this book is that it is written stream-of-conscious by one of the fairies- an unreliable narrator.  It tells the story both in the present and as a history, but that is what it is - a history. Imagine finding a historical diary and making sense of all the various thoughts and events contained within it, then add in fairies, gnomes, and tight-ropers, you have Moskowitz's new story.  If you hang in there, though, you will be rewarded with an interesting tale.

Interesting Crazy Details That Aren't Spoilers:

~There is a war in the city.  Most of the fairies have fled, because that's what fairies do - they leave. They leave so much there isn't even a history of fairies.
~Now there are only four unharmed fairies left- Beckan, Scrap, Josha, and Cricket, and Cricket is MIA. 
~The fairies make a living by being sex workers for the gnomes. This ensures the gnomes will not make dinner of them because
~Gnomes eat fairies
~Fairy women have no uterus and cannot procreate.
~Beckan's father lives in a jar.  Fairies survive as long as there are parts of them around.
~Tightropers live in the sky.  They spit out tightropes and throw them across sky where they stick somehow.  It's kind of gross that they spit them out, yea?  

It is hard to review this book because it is just so unique.  I found it unique in a good way.  I found Beckan and her friends to be lovable, rebellious, and interesting, if not a bit foolish.  I mean, they did stay behind in a city given over to the war when every other fairy fled.  But they had their principles - they wanted to change the way fairies are perceived, for better or for worse.  Do they succeed in changing the story of fairies?  Do they get caught up in the war?  Do they broker a pact for peace?  Do they ever get to stop tricking? Do they remain physically unharmed?  Do they find Cricket?  

If you like strange stories, this is a book for you.  If you like your stories to be linear and/or classic, I'd choose something different.

"You are like twenty thousand stars all in one girl."

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