September 4, 2015

Book Blogger Shout-Outs #42 - Dual Reviews, Anti-Heroes, and Spooky Events

 In Shout Outs you will find book reviews, discussion posts, blogger events, and giveaways from bloggers across the web. I read a lot of blogs and I like to give love when I find a post I really like or admire. I also like to make you abreast of events and giveaways because those are awesome, too.  Bloggers put lots of work into those, as well.  I am now including either a quote directly from the post (with quotation marks and italicized) or a reason I liked it after each link.

In addition, I like to give shout outs to my readers.  I know there are lots of lurkers and silent readers and that's totally okay! I don't know how to say thank you other than right here saying THANK YOU FOR READING! YOU'RE AWESOME!  If you leave a comment during the week, I will give you a personal shout out on this post each Friday. Commenters are also eligible to receive a bookish prize pack.

I hope you find something interesting, exciting, and thought-provoking in the posts below!  

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Book Review : Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica 

1. The Fall of Princes by Robert Goolick @ Literate Housewife
 "Robert Goolrick is one of my favorite modern authors. He consistently creates characters with unexpected dark places that are perfectly in tune with his writing style. Goolrick’s novels consistently result in binge reading, even when I’m not in an especially open to getting lost in book."

2. Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica @ Between My Lines
"The characters were sketched with skill and I loved how realistic and well-developed they were.  I can’t even tell you if I liked the characters or not; I loved parts of them and hated some other parts of them.  They are convincingly flawed and they turned this book into a compulsive read from start to finish for me."

3. Fiction from Outside the U.S. in Mini-Reviews @ Doing Dewey
 "The translators (Alexander Smith and Joseph Reeder) did a great job with the book. The language was short, sharp, and precise. It made me believe a soldier really could be telling the story. The premise behind the story was fascinating, like Groundhog Day with aliens."

4. The Shadow Behind the Stars by Rebecca Hahn @ Book Snob
"It is entirely possible that by reading this review the Three Fates are whispering in your ear and telling you to read this book and to look for The Shadow Behind the Stars."

5. Dual Reviews: Similar Themes, Different Results @ It Starts at Midnight
There are graphs, bullet-points, more graphs, GIFs, you name it.  She made me laugh and really explained

6. Terrible Typhoid Mary: A True Story of the Deadliest Cook in America by Susan Campbell Bartoletti @ Good Books & Good Wine
"What is supremely interesting is the question this book brings in of consent to medical procedures especially when public health and safety are at hand. I also find the sexism of the time period interesting too."

7. The Sparrow Sisters by Ellen Herrick: Book Talk with R and T @ Ivory Owl Reviews
"I might have missed this book if it weren't for Tamara pointing me in the right direction. Knowing we both loved Practical Magic..." Dude! I love Practical Magic! Gotta read this.

If Ralph Ellison’s invisible man had no voice thirty years before the publication of The Color Purple, then Walker has located in Celie a person whose presence is even less acknowledged by society: the black, poor lesbian. - See more at:
If Ralph Ellison’s invisible man had no voice thirty years before the publication of The Color Purple, then Walker has located in Celie a person whose presence is even less acknowledged by society: the black, poor lesbian. - See more at:

1. Classics Club: Recap @ The DWS Blog

2. Guest Post: The Anti-Hero's Journey @ Traveling with T

3. Medieval Monday: Phaedrus @ eclectic/eccentric

4. Love Letter to IRL Books @ Chrisbookarama


 Michelle of The True Book Addict is hosting Gothic September at her blog Castle Macabre


RIP X is here and this year Carl is letting The Estella Society take the reins!

#30Authors 2015

#30Authors Blog Tour starting @ The Book Wheel
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wolf gift

Michelle of The True Book Addict is hosting a readalong of The Wolf Gift @ Anne Rice Readalongs

summer blowout sale, super cheap eBooks

Blow-Out on Books, Plus Giveaway for an Amazon Gift Card @ Parajunkee

#TraveltheWorldinBooks House of Spirits Readalong


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