August 22, 2015

Short 'n Sweet Reviews: The Silver Swan and Angelbound

The Silver Swan by Elena Delbanco

I really wanted to like this book.  I liked Marianna and Claude.  I liked the musician aspect (I even listened to cello music while I read it), I liked the twisted daddy issues and her grappling with her father's larger-than-life legacy and her own past demons.  But honestly?  It got stale.  Nothing was being said throughout the middle of the book, it was just filler.  I think this would have been a much superior story had it been a novella instead. 


Angelbound by Cristina Bauer

Great points: Fast read, kick-ass heroine, romance that doesn't take front seat or happen overnight, interesting secondary characters (a lot of secondary characters, too), and a plot I haven't seen before. 

Why wasn't it a 5-star rating? It was incredibly long and while that's not always an issue, it could've used with a bit of tightening in places, particularly in the beginning.

Will I read the next book in the series?  Probably, but not right now.

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