August 4, 2015

Cover Discover Tuesday: White Dresses

If you're new to Cover Discover, it's a feature just for the fun of it in which we judge books by their covers.  Both frontlist and backlist are included, and you get to vote for your favorites.  The results will be posted the following week with the next Cover Discover poll.

Here's the results from last week's Cover Discover: Artwork: Paintings

Your Top Choice:

Your Second Choice:

What I would've voted for if I voted:

Monet is my favorite painter, always has been, so I had to choose this one.
I'd love to read this book, too.  Camille was his wife and the woman featured in many of his paintings.
Fun Fact: my other favorite artists are Fabian Perez and Frida Kahlo.

Which book did you pick last week?  

White Dresses

Here are today's choices:





 Now on to the voting!
 Also, be sure to vote for what you'd like to see for
topics in August!


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