August 7, 2015

British Isles Friday: British TV on Netflix

I've been watching some great British TV shows on Netflix lately.  I've already watched plenty that most people know about - Downton Abbey, Sherlock, some Doctor Who (David Tennant is the only Doc for me).  I will share a few more that I've enjoyed.

The Fall
When a murder in Belfast remains unsolved, DSI Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) is brought in to catch the killer. Jamie Dornan plays the killer, who is also a bereavement counselor of all things.  We watch as he toys with Stella and see her inch closer and closer to solving the crime.  Great acting and a creepy plot.

Black Mirror  
A creepy science-fiction/dystopian anthology of sorts.  Every episode is a new story with new characters.  So far I've only watched 2 episodes but they are creeeeeeeepy.  It's very clever, though.

Wolf Blood

A YA dramedy about a werewolf named Maddy whose world gets stranger when a new lone wolf moves in on her parents' territory.  It's hard not to like Maddie and the episodes are 25 minutes long.

Long Way Round/Long Way Down

Ewan McGregor and his best mate Charlie Boorman decide to take a motorbike trip around the world, riding from England to NYC via Russia.  Then a few years later they do the same thing only going down from the top of Scotland to South Africa.  They run into lots of interesting people, see lots of cool sites, camp out in the wild most nights, and get into situations where bikes get flats, bikes get stuck in mud or deep sand, and injuries.  Sometimes Ewan can complain a lot, but in the end they both absolutely love what they are doing and it's fun to go on the trip with them.

I've previously watched Black Books (hilarious), The IT Crowd (Meh), and a few others that are no longer streaming. 
I have Southcliffe and The Honourable Woman and Luther all on my queue.  Have you watched any more I should add on? 

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