July 1, 2015

The Verdict is In....I Suck at Readalongs

Confession: I suck at readalongs.

Those of you who have participated in readalongs with me already know this about me.  It's not that I don't read the book, I do.  And I'm usually on point for the first week or two.  Then....I fall off somewhere. 

The reasons are simple:

1) I usually have at least one week in a month where I am having a fibromyalgia flare-up or back pain flare-up or I am sick in some other way.  It's just how it is and I lose reading time that week.

2) This one is obvious: I can't read just one or two books at a time.  It's easy to get behind schedule when everyone else is reading just the readalong book or just it and one other book.  I'm over here swimming in a sea of current reads because I like to read dangerously or whatever.  And I cannot even kick the habit for a readalong I am helping run.  I am hopeless.

3) I think another reason is that chunksters are often chosen for readalongs, either purposefully (to help one another get through the long book) or coincidentally/accidentally (as when Kate Morton's 600+ page book The Forgotten Garden was chosen by challenge participants for the #traveltheworldinbooks June readalong).  I take for-ever to get through chunksters.  For-ever.  I think it is partly to do with it takes everyone longer to read more pages, and the fact in a lot of chunksters there is more setup and build-up before you get to the meaty action and I have trouble focusing a lot on build-up and read those parts in smaller bursts.  I read much faster once I am at the halfway point of a book.

With all this said, I still love readalongs.  I love discussing the book with others.  I love knowing I am sharing the activity of reading a book with someone else.  It's just fun to me.  So I will keep trying, and one of these days maybe I will get the hang of this readalong thing.

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