July 9, 2015

Review: Everything, Everything is EVERYTHING

Even if you don't read YA, you're going to want to pick up Everything, Everything.

It is hard for me to put into words how much I loved this book- how much I identified with Madeline.

Madeline has a rare disease, but one everyone knows about.  It's coloquially known as the "bubble boy disease".  Madeline has not been let out of her house since she was a baby.  She and her mother and her nurse live inside a vacuum-sealed house.  She goes to school online.  She lives a life not many can even fathom.  She passes the time by reading books (and reviewing books!) and by being an amateur architect for one of her online classes - a passion and talent.

Her life plods along this way until one day a gorgeous boy, Olly, and his family move in next door.  The boy wants to be Madeline's friend.  He waves to her, writes messages for her on his window pane, which is across from hers.  She wonders what he's doing when he disappears on top of his roof.

Madeline knows she will fall in love with Olly, and that it will most certainly be a disaster.

Madeline and Olly are both extremely likable and relatable.  I related, unsurprisingly, the most with Madeline.  If you've never been chronically ill, it is hard to understand just how much it impacts your life.  I identified with her so much there were a couple of times I was literally crying.

"...to be normal for just an afternoon, a day, a lifetime...One thing I'm certain of: Wanting just leads to more wanting. There's no end to desire."

It is a betrayal like no other when your body does not work like it is supposed to.  If you think you've been betrayed by another and it hurt, try having your own body turn against you.  I won't lie - it is devestating.  I am lucky to not have to stay indoors 24/7 but I have been bedridden, only escaping the confines of four walls every other week or so for very brief periods of time.  I understand her so much.

I wasn't sure where Yoon was going to take the story but when I found out I ran the gamut of emotions.  She is a very talented writer and you are absorbed in the story and never want it to end.  I would happily read anything Yoon writes.

And all I can say in conclusion is read this book.  And when you're done, read it again.

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