June 29, 2015

What Are You Reading Monday 6.29.15

So this is my week.  What about you?  
What did you read this week?  What are you planning to read next?


Mister Doctor by Irene Cohen-Janca, Illustrated by Maurizio A.C. Quarello
This Week: 0-54%
Pages Read:37
Thoughts: Great story - made me tear up, I was ready to recommend it to everyone- until there wasn't an ending. There was no ending to a children's book. It just says they marched off, and while those familiar with the Holocaust understand to where, children learning about it from this story might not understand why the children go on this particular walk. Everything is drawn out in detail and then you get here and it is basically "they went on a walk" and names each orphan in turn. Then it ends and another section opens up to tell the details of the real Doctor Korczak.
The illustrations were the absolute best part - they were amazing. Emotional.

The Property by Rutu Mordan and Jessica Cohen (Translator)
Pages Read: 222
Thoughts:  4 STARS
Really great illustrations and a beautiful story.



I Am Not a Slut: Slut-Shaming in the Age of the Internet by Leora Tanenbaum
This Week: 36-50%
Pages Read: 43
Interesting/Frightening Quote: 
"The problem isn't that girls and young women have never learned how to dress without showing off their bodies, and it's not that they are mimicking media images of hypersexual females. Rather, they are making deliberate, careful decisions in an attempt to shape how others perceive them. The real problem is that they don't realize that they can't control how others perceive them: what to them appears to be self-evidently slutty in a "good" way is read as slutty in a "bad" way by others...To add another layer of complexity, many young females also believe that presenting themselves as overtly sexual is necessary for their feminist empowerment."


My Daylight Monsters (Mary Hades 0.5) by Sarah Dalton
This Week: 42-71%
Pages Read: 36
Thoughts: Sometimes heavy, sometimes scary.  But all very good.  I am excited that I get to go right into Mary Hades #1 after this!

Becoming Darkness by Lindsay Francis Brambles
On pg. 51 of 485
Pages Read This Week: 5
Thoughts: PDFs are hard to get read sometimes. Not exactly portable.
I read these 5 pages before falling asleep last night!


The Fire Sermon (Fire Sermon #1) by Francesca Haig
This Week: 0-7%
Pages Read This Week: 27
Thoughts:  Interesting plot.


The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton
*Travel the World in Books Readalong*
On pg. 236 of 648
Pages Read:60
Thoughts: I am really enjoying this. I think everyone's finished it but me.  Go figure, right?



Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
On pg. 256 of 896
Pages Read:153
Thoughts: Surprise, surprise I love it.

Shadow of Night (All Souls Trilogy #2) by Deborah Harkness
On pg. 74 of 584
Pages Read:0
Thoughts: I just can't seem to get into this. All of the characters changed except for Diana and Matthew, and even they have changed drastically.  And I'm not a fan of Kit.  AT ALL.  I just can't get into it. I don't miss it when I'm not reading it.  Have you read it? Should I keep trying?

The White Queen (The Cousins' War #1) by Philippa Gregory
On pg. 68 of 408
Pages Read This Week: 28
Thoughts: Getting interesting now that she's the queen.

NON-ARCs (For Fun):
aka Slower Reads generally

The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer by Siddhartha Mukherjee
*TBR Pile*
On pg. 135 of 592
Pages Read:7
Thoughts: This part is a little slow.  Or maybe I am just too interested in my fiction reads right now.

A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway
*TBR Pile*
On pg. 144 of 332
Pages Read This Week: 2
Thoughts: Did not get to this week.  I am going to give this another week and if I can't get back into it, I'm not going to finish it.  This is SO not Old Man and the Sea.

Huntress Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff
*Gift from Sandie*
On pg. 169 of 382
Pages Read:70
Thoughts: This is really good.  Best police procedural I've read in years.


Total Books Currently Reading: 11
Total Books Read in 2015: 41
Pages Read This Update: 690
Total Pages Read in 2015: 12956

One of these will be next.

 ~What are you reading right now?  
~What did you just finish?  
~What book are you looking forward to reading next?  
~Have you read any of the books I'm reading?  What did you think of it?

Share in the comments!!!

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