June 8, 2015

Mini-Bloggiesta June 2015 Goals

Bloggiesta MiniS15 

I just made up a little song for Bloggiesta, to the tune of If You're Happy and You Know It:

If your blog needs cleaning up, Bloggiesta.
If you're behind on your reviews, Bloggiesta.
If you have a lot to do
But you procrastinate too
If you want to finally get it done, Bloggiesta.

I apologize for getting that tune stuck in your head.
(sorry, not sorry)

So I have sooo much I need to get done.  I've just decided to make a big ol' list and just tackle what I can.  I will not complete it, that's not the goal.  The goal, instead, is just to check things off.

1. Dude, write some reviews. Seriously.

2. Condense those tags.

3. Update Books Read by Rating Page.

4. Update Books Read by Genre - Fiction Page.

5. Update Books Read by Genre - Nonfiction Page.

6. Update Books Read by Country/Culture Page.

7. Update Status on Challenges.  You're terrible about that.

8. Write a discussion post that you have half written and keep procrastinating finishing.

9. Do it again because there are so so many.  It's ridiculous.

 10. Participate in Twitter chat on Sunday cause you know you love to Twitter.

Okay, that is my list.  I did have update review policy on there, but I actually did that yesterday - go me!

What's on your Bloggiesta list?


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