June 23, 2015

Cover Discover Tuesday: It's All About the Orange

If you're new to Cover Discover, it's a feature just for the fun of it in which we judge books by their covers.  Both frontlist and backlist are included, and you get to vote for your favorites.  The results will be posted the following week with the next Cover Discover poll.

Here's the results from last week's Cover Discover: Beachy

I tallied up all the votes from top choice, second choice, and third choice columns.
Then I chose each of the below based on the highest numbers going from top choice to third choice.
These are the ones rated highest overall.

Your Top Choice:

Your Second Choice:

Your Third Choice:

Close Runner-Up:

What I would've voted for if I voted:

On the Island was my favorite read of the picks, but I am
the most drawn to this cover.

Fun Facts:
~The most picked for top choice was, of course, A World Elsewhere.
~The most picked for second choice was The Beach Trees, which also got top nods.
~The most picked for third favorite was To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf, but it did not have enough votes in the favorite and second favorite columns to get top honors.
 ~Lovehampton got exactly 1 vote in each column, the only book to get the same number of votes in each column.

What book did you pick?  


Here are today's choices:

Now, on to the voting!  Vote for your top 3 favorite covers, as well as for the themes you'd like to see featured in July!

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