June 9, 2015

Cover Discover: Taking it Lying Down

If you're new to Cover Discover, it's a feature about book covers, both frontlist and backlist, just for the fun of it.  There is a poll on which covers are your favorites!  The poll is at the bottom of the post and next week I will post the results!

Here are the results from last week's poll for Boats.

Your Favorite Book Cover:
4-way tie you guys!
That is a first.
Here they are:

Was your pick one of the top 4?

I don't vote (since I pick the covers) but I thought it would be fun
to share my pick now and then. My pick would've been:

Only one other person agreed with me, though!
(Whoever said person is clearly has good taste.)
I like silhouettes I think.
My second choice would've been
What is Left the Daughter.

Moving on, the topic you picked for this 


Now on to the voting!  

Which book cover compels you to pick it up?

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