May 6, 2015

Short 'n Sweet Reviews

Crane by Stacey Rourke

I felt there were too many similarities between this story and the Sleepy Hollow television show for me to really separate the two.  I do like the inclusion of Rip Van Winkle.  I did not feel connected  to Ichabod at all and ended up liking Rip and Washington Irving better.  The atmosphere isn't right.  Even during the creepier scenes it felt sort of washed out - and this comes from someone easily creeped out.  2 Stars.

Rodin's Lover by Heather Webb

Heather Webb has written a story that feels like Rodin and Claudel are people you know well instead of simply characters in a story or people in history.  As someone who loves art, I loved all the details about the artists' struggles, successes, surprises, and hard work that went along with their vocation.  I loved that Camille was a feminist but that she was also an old soul and a true lover.  She was very human on the page.  Even the larger-than-life persona of Rodin was brought down and humanized for the reader.  We got to see into his soul.  

While the romance between Rodin and Camille is the focus of the story, it is not just about the romance - it is about their passion for art, their passion to make something of themselves, the mentoring, their relationships outside one another.  I think this is what makes this a success for me - I am not bogged down and hit over the head with the romance, there is more substance than that. I would definitely recommend this book and I will happily read anything Webb writes. 5 Stars

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