March 25, 2015

Short 'n Sweet Reviews

Heller's Revenge

Generous boobs do not get held up at all, not at all, by a dress' built-in bodice.  Puh-lease. 

Tilly is far bitchier in this book and I have to say I am not a fan of it. Sarcastic, I get.  But sometimes she can be plain antagonizing and it's like she wants someone to call her a bitch or fight with her.  Didn't she learn anything about how to smooth over rough situations in her training?  Jesus.  Don't antagonize a guy who tried to assault you the other night, no matter if you beat him once you might not get lucky the next time. 

Update: I forgot to say that by the end, I was enjoying it as much as the first book in the series. But as you can see, I had some major trouble with Tilly in there.  

Cocaine Blues

My lovely friend Mandy sent me this book after I expressed (okay, gushed) to her my love of the show Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, which I found on Netflix.  The show is loosely based on the book series by Kerry Greenwood.  As Mandy very astutely put it, the book and the show are like parallel universes.  The show goes off in it's own direction.  But both the book and the show are awesome. Phryne Fisher is a thoroughly modern kick-ass feminist woman who decides to be a lady detective in the 1920s. She is so my spirit animal. But seriously check this series out!

"Now, drink more coffee, please, and keep your arm and side still. A young man in one's hotel bedroom is capable of being explained, but a corpse is always a hindrance." - Phryne to Sasha, pg. 75

The Last Breath

I wasn't sure about this book after a few chapters. I thought it was about to get stereotypical women's fiction romance on me.  But Anita convinced me to keep reading and I am SO glad I did.  I really enjoyed the story and it wasn't predictable like I thought it might be. In fact one update I left on Goodreads reads, 

"I literally DROPPED the Kindle at that revelation. Literally just dropped it. Jesus."
So glad Anita had me keep reading this.  I loved the writing, I felt connected to the protagonist, and even the romance did not bother me because it was secondary and not trite.  I recommend it. 

I made my own short playlist for the book, too. -

Brave by Sara Bareilles
Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars
Running Up That Hill by Placebo
Fix You by Coldplay

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