March 5, 2015

New on My Shelves

I realized I never really post about new books I get so I thought I would start doing that.  
I don't get that many print copies from publishers anymore because a) my blogging hiatus interrupted that flow, and b) my sheer willingness to review e-books.  I like print books, too, though so it's nice to get some sometimes. These are some of the print books I've acquired in the last month-ish.

I got this stack from my lovely friend, Sandie.
Sandie is the best.  
Fun Fact: We met through book blogging but I totally went to school with her son until I was 16!
Now we hang out! Pretty awesome.
I had Lost & Found for review by e-galley, but I decided to read the print since she had it.

I got East India from Melissa @ The Book Binder's Daughter and 
The Moonlight Palace from Kristen @ BookNAround because they are awesome people.
 Excuse the dried paint on my art table.  The books were not in wet paint, TRUST.

I won this at the Bookmarks Event I blogged about already.

I got this from my sister from another mister, Michelle J., of the now sadly retired Reader's Respite.

An ARC of Where Women Are Kings by Christie Watson,
thanks to Charlotte King at Other Press.

Five Days Left by Julie Lawson Timmer
thanks to...I have no idea.  
I really don't remember. 
Hence, a need for these posts.

Thanks to Emma @ Words and Peace, the pubs sent me these two lovelies to review for her France Book Tours.  I've started The Witch of Painted Sorrows and I'm already hooked!  C.W. Gorner is awesome and I liked the last 2 books I reviewed for him so I am excited to read Mademoiselle Chanel as well.

I won this beauty in a giveaway from Kelly @ The Well-Read Redhead.

Just got sent this ARC to review, The Travels of Daniel Ascher by Deborah Levy-Bertherat.

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  1. I loved The Weight of Blood. It's dark but so good. Enjoy all your book haul.


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