March 23, 2015

International Female Authors

March is Women's History Month.  Every March at I'm Lost in Books I spin that into the Women's Lit Event celebrating female authors and their work.  I have some lovely authors and bloggers who will be sharing with us.  Today please welcome blogger Tanya M. of Mom's Small Victories.

International Female Authors

I'm so happy that Becca asked me to be a part of her fabulous Women's Lit Event. I decided to focus my post on International Female Authors who were born in or descended from various countries around the world. If you don't already know, Becca and I co-host the no-pressure Travel the World in Books Reading Challenge along with Savvy Working Gal. The challenge has made me obsessed with finding books set in other countries. But for this post, I'm focusing on female authors born in or descended from outside the US. It's been interesting to learn where these talented ladies are from and how it's inspired their writing.


Lisa See, Chinese-American Female Author of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and Shanghai Girls
Photos from Goodreads
Lisa See: Lisa is a Chinese-American author of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and the Shanghai Girls series, among other novels set in China. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan is one of my favorite historical fiction novels about two young girls who endure a lifetime of trials and tribulations enduring the pressures of their culture and traditions during the 1800′s. All of Lisa's novels are set in China and I LOVED Lisa's response to a Goodreads reader who asked if Lisa was ever going to write "non-Asian themes". Way to go Lisa, keep educating the world about the beauty and fascination of China! We NEED diverse books!!!


JoJo Meyes, Female English Author or Me Before You and One Plus One
Photos from Goodreads
JoJo Meyes: I read Me Before You back in 2013 and it's one of those books that hit a deep emotional nerve with me. A story about Will, a bitter, wealthy, young man who is completely paralyzed  and must rely on a health care aide and Lou, a young lady with no real direction in life, for his most basic needs.  This book and it's writing haunted me and still now 2 years later, Me Before You is one of my favorite books. Learn more about JoJo and her books in JoJo's Ask the Author page on Goodreads.


Indian Female Authors - Alison McQueen of Under the Jeweled Sky, Renita D'Silva of The Forgotten Daughter, Thrity Umrigar of First Darling of the Morning and The Story Hour and Shilpi Somaya Gowda of The Secret Daughter
Photos from Goodreads. Taj Mahal photo from Wikipedia.

You didn't think I could write an international post without mentioning India, the country of my descent, did you? I already gushed about my favorite books set in India which coincidentally featured 4 female Indian authors. Alison McQueen who wrote the gorgeous story of forbidden love during India's independence from Britain in her debut novel Under the Jeweled Sky. Renita D'Silva who wrote a family drama and featured delicious Indian recipes throughout the book in The Forgotten Daughter.  Thrity Umrigar who wrote about her own life growing up in India in First Darling of the Morning and an in-depth look at the immigrant experience, depression and suicide in The Story Hour with printable book club questions for you.


Photos from Goodreads
Photos from Goodreads

Tana French: I read In the Woods for a book club selection hosted by The Book Wheel and Love at First Book. Set in Ireland, I LOVED Tana's writing. Beautiful, lyrical prose that took me to scene of those creepy woods and the lush landscape that I associate with Ireland. Her writing resonated with me though the ending of In the Woods really disappointed me. As I perused her Ask the Author page on Goodreads, Tana answers questions about the In the Woods ending and why she wrote it the way she did (obviously, spoilers in her answer). I have heard wonderful things about her newest book, The Secret Place, and willing to give her books another try because I loved her writing so very much.


Laura Esquivel, Mexican Female Author of Like Water for Chocolate and Between Two Fires:  Intimate Writings on Life, Love, Food and Flavor
Photos from Goodreads

Laura Esquivel: I read Laura Esquivel's Like Water for Chocolate many, many, MANY years ago but remember loving the combination of love and food that permeated the book. I found that another one of her books Between Two Fires: Intimate Writings on Life, Love, Food and Flavor also combined my love of food and books and would be another book of Laura's I'd like to try. A thinking-outside-the-box teacher turned writer, Goodreads showed that Laura said  "As a teacher I realize that what one learns in school doesn't serve for very much at all, that the only thing one can really learn is self understanding and this is something that can't be taught." What better way to gain self-understanding than by reading a book that impacts you, makes you think and changes you a bit for the better? 

I hope you visit and learn more about these talented female authors from around the world. I enjoyed getting to know them a little better as I wrote this post. There are about twenty more international women writers I have to read and share with you next time! Thanks for hosting me in this wonderful event Becca!

Who are your favorite international women writers? Whose books must I get my hands on right now?


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