March 27, 2015

A Day in the Life

A Day In the Life

The lovely Trish at Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity, came up with a cool blogger event for today.  She asked if everyone could post on March 27th a day in their life.  Well, my days are never very typical but I gave it a go!

9am: - Woke up. Took my first myriad of pills, including pain pills.  They take a while to work so I lay in bed for most of the next 30 minutes.

9:30am - Called and talked to my boyfriend on the phone. He's the best.

10:30am - I'm exhausted (what else is new?) but I start a load of laundry. Get my poor mom to carry the basket for me as I still can't lift and carry it without a lot of pain.  I can take care of all other aspects of laundry except for getting it there and back. Sigh.

10:45am - Drink half a bottle of water and eat some almonds.  More meds.

11:00am - Return phone calls, check my e-mail, and make sure my blog post posted. 

11:30am - Throw clothes in the dryer.  Finish returning e-mails. 

11:45am - Right leg starts spasming so I have to sit and rest for a long time while drinking water and hoping an extra Lyrica will calm it down.  I take a small dose at night for Restless Legs Syndrome and just to calm my nerves in general. They like to fire off like fireworks sometimes.

12:30pm - Legs better now. Eat a Lean Cuisine. I'm not full. Is anyone full after eating a Lean Cuisine?  Eat a banana, too.  More meds.

1:00pm - Clothes are sitting in the dryer because I cannot bring them inside. I read some more in The Witch of Painted Sorrows.

1:30pm - Work more on Blogger Shout-Outs post. Declare everyone is writing amazing things.

2:20pm - My friend's daughter, N, who is 5 (and a 1/2!) comes over with my sister. Give her a snack and she tells me where to find her Minecraft doll so I can tell my bf so he can get one for his son.  Then we draw!  I finish up some paintings and N draws extremely detailed Minecraft characters.  Love it.

3:30pm - Collapse from fatigue.  Recall with utmost nostalgia the days when I could teach 18 5-year-olds for 6 hours.  Being sick sucks.  Oh, also more meds. 

4:30pm - Eat an early dinner.

5:00pm - Write a letter to a friend of mine.  Talk more to the bf.  Work on blog.

6:00pm - Yoga and stretching. Very gentle yoga. More meds to help me through it.  Try not to think about the days when I could do yoga for an hour, then go hiking for 2 hours, and go dancing later that night.  It's very easy to fall into the trap of before you were sick/after you were sick.  Comparisons come easily but they will only hurt your pride.

6:30pm - Talk on Twitter while watching old episode of The Vampire Diaries and working on the blog (multitasking FTW!).  Fatigued but okay.  Put heat on my SI joint and right hip.

7:30pm - Go to my best friend, Ali's, house to hang out.  She had a shit day and needed to drink some wine and have some laughs.  And since I'm hilarious (let's be honest) I am to the rescue. ;)  Take meds before I go and while I'm there.

11:30pm - Get home, take a shower even though I'd really rather fall in the floor asleep.

12:00am - Have a snack because I am ravenous.  Haven't had anything in 7 hours and I know I won't sleep this hungry.  Have some hot tea, too. Yum.  More meds.

12:30am - Realize I never finished the post for tomorrow so I do that because I know I won't have time in the morning.  Gotta do the comments section!

1:00am - I am now wide awake so I end up watching another Vampire Diaries episode (this is seriously my third re-watch of this series.  Very unlike me but the show comforts me for some reason.)

2:30am - Turn off TV to read a little in Mademoiselle Chanel.  Take nighttime meds.  Fall asleep reading.

Get woken up 5 times in the next hour by the cats because they are evil.  Finally get some actual sleep around 4am.  And that's why I am wondering why I am about to take a nap....

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