January 22, 2015

What Do You Think?: Story Must-Haves

What are your story "must-haves"?

Personally, mine are twofold.  First, I need to be pulled into the world of the story I am reading.  Whether it is Hogwarts, the Roaring 20s, or a bed in breakfast in a sleepy coastal town in Maine, I need to feel transported there.  I need to feel in the midst of what’s going on. 
Secondly, I need to care about the characters.  Whether they are funny, or clever, or witty, or compassionate, or mourning, or the underdog, I need to care about what happens to them.  If I don’t care whether the protagonist has something happy happen to them or is shot in the face, there is a serious disconnect!
I really like the plot to move at a pretty good clip, but if I have these other two elements, I will be okay with it taking a little longer to get the story going.

What about you?  Share in the comments!

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