December 1, 2014

Ornamental Enthusiasm by Katie of Words for Worms - Holiday Extravaganza!

Season's Greetings, Y'all!

My name is Katie, and I'm a Christmas ornament junkie. Decorating the tree is one of my favorite traditions. In fact, the hubs and I have accumulated so many ornaments that we put up multiple trees. There's just something about pulling all the ornaments out of storage that makes me irrationally happy. So many of them have sentimental ties. Here's an example of one of my favorites:


We got this ornament as a wedding gift and I adore it. Who are we kidding though? This entire tree fills me with a manic glee that can only be measured in waddles and tuxedos. (I love penguins even more than I love Christmas ornaments, if you can believe it.) Yes, every ornament on this glorious tree is a penguin. I told you I have a problem.
Because I'm so enthusiastic about ornaments, I can't help but spread the joy. If you've ever been on my Christmas shopping list, odds are that you've received at least one ornament from me. Have a gander at a sampling of this year's gifting...

I know. I'm DYING of the cute, too!

Personalized ornaments rock my world. They're my go-to for newly married couples, new babies, people who like to play bingo, my hairdresser, aunts, uncles, Sudoku enthusiasts, and everything in between. (There's an incredible selection out there!) All the kidlets who end up on my list get one of these bad boys for their first Christmas. My newest little "niece" Junie B. is going to be celebrating kangaroo style. 

In an ironic twist, it's actually Natalie's older redheaded sister whom I refer to as "gingersnap."

Oh, you want me to be your kid's Godparent? Spectacular. I have credentials and experience! I hope your kid likes ornaments because he or she will be getting at least one every year until FOREVER.


Darn you, Hallmark, I cannot resist a pun!

I don't ALWAYS get personalized ornaments, of course. Sadly, the personalized ornament makers don't create a new and exciting ornament for a hairdresser each and every year, so sometimes I've got to hit up my local Hallmark. I'm always on the lookout for the perfect ornament, but I've yet to find an ornament depicting a cow on a motorcycle wearing a Vikings jersey wielding a blow dryer. Should anyone find such a wonder, Jodie and I would be eternally grateful.

Here's hoping your trees are bursting with ornamental joy! If they're not, you should probably make friends with me. We'll fix that up in a jiffy.

Thank you, Katie, for the lovely post!  Visit Katie at Words for Worms!

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