December 19, 2014

My Husband's Inner Clark Griswold (from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation) by Sarah of Sarah's Book Shelves

When Becca asked me to write a guest post for her Christmas Extravaganza, I was at a bit of a loss because Suey from It's All About Books had just written about my favorite Christmas book (Dr. Suess' How the Grinch Stole Christmas)! So, I thought movies. A big one in our family is "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation". It's hilarious, irreverent, and heart-warming. Plus, what's not to love about Cousin "that there's an RV" Eddie?! And, of course, Aunt "Do you hear it? It's a funny, squeaky sound" Bethany.

My cousins had a tradition where all four of them spent every Christmas Eve in the same bedroom and watched "Christmas Vacation" (this tradition continued until the oldest in the family got married and her husband looked at her strangely when she announced she wasn't planning to spend Christmas Eve with him). On Christmas Day, when our extended family traditionally gathers, "Christmas Vacation" quotes often tear inducing laughter. This has been going on for years.

My little family (not including all the aforementioned cousins) is spending our second Christmas in the suburbs after moving from New York City. One of my favorite things about the burbs is having an actual house, which can contain an adult sized Christmas tree that actually sits on the floor (not on a table)! My husband's favorite thing about the burbs is having an actual house to adorn with lots of lights and other Christmas paraphernalia. Now, my husband is a very organized, "let's consult the spreadsheet" type of, I never would have expected that I had a closeted Clark Griswold on my hands! Well, now that we're in the burbs...he is out! And, I love this newly discovered quality about him.

Last year (our first experimenting with outdoor Christmas lights), he was so proud of his handiwork and brought the kids outside to watch him turn on the lights...a la Clark Griswold. Unlike Clark's, our lights did turn on when he plugged them in, but the kids were not adequately impressed. 

After a few days, one strand of lights inevitably went out. I looked out the front window and saw my husband stomping around our porch in lacrosse shorts, a T shirt, and flip flops muttering about the lights. I think there was snow on the ground (a safe guess considering last winter). I obviously thought of this...

This year, we're back even brighter than last year! Although, I'm a little ticked that we don't have a huge, blow-up Santa Claus lawn ornament....there's always next year. And so far, there haven't been any light snafus or underdressed Clark Griswolds stomping around the porch...

Note: I would have provided a picture of our decorated house, but thought better of that given the whole Kathleen Hale blogger stalking debacle!

What's your favorite Christmas movie? Have you ever adopted a holiday tradition from a movie?

Thanks, Sarah, for sharing your DH's inner Griswold with us!  Visit Sarah at her blog, Sarah's Book Shelves!

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