December 28, 2014

My 2014 Resolutions - Did I Make It or Break It?


1.  Don't force self to read books I'm just not that into.  I DNF'ed it whenever I felt like reading a book was becoming a chore rather than an enjoyment.  Consequently, my reading was much more enjoyable, free, and exciting.  

2. Draw more.  I made lots of art this year from sketches to paintings to designing bookmarks.  I had a lot of fun with it and will continue to make art in 2015!

3. Dance again.  I love to dance and while 2014 was a year filled with physical limitations, I was able to let my hair down from time to time, especially in the last 2 months.  I am hoping 2015 is filled with A LOT more dancing!

4. Give yourself a break.  I have been working my butt off (that must have been where it has disappeared to) on acceptance, but also perseverance in the face of adversity.  There's a balance here.  I suck at balancing, but I am learning!

5. Meditate for 6 minutes.  I can meditate for six minutes.  It is super challenging since I have A.D.D. but I can do it!

6. I have re-learned (most of) the Spanish I had forgotten.  Still working on gaining more of the language!  

7. Laughing a lot.  I have some great friends and they make me laugh every day.  Without these people in my life, I would be a sad potato!

8. Cook more.  I have learned several new recipes, I can cook pretty much any vegetables, and I am to the point where I don't burn either the food or me every single time.  Just, you know, most of the time.  

9. Read 75 books in a year.  I am happy to report I read way over 75 books.  I finished 102 books this year!  Go me!  And I also met my goal for pages read, surpassing 26,000 and reaching over 28,000!

10. Write more.  Other than blogging this has not increased much.  A goal to continue working on in 2015.

11. Eat healthier.  I was better at this sometimes more than other times.  Flare-ups I sucked at it, when I feel better I tend to eat better (it also helps I can cook when I am not so sick.) I did eat more vegetarian meals and salads, though, throughout the year.

12. Remember to take care of yourself first and the rest will fall into place.  I have such a hard time doing this still, but 2014 was definitely a boost in this department.

13. Tell the people I love I love them more often.  I feel good about this one!  

14. Try 7 new things this year.  Tried some new Egyptian food.   Tried some new paints.   Tried out designing bookmarks.   Helped run a  Readathon for the first time.  Tried acorn squash and liked it.  Gave my art as gifts to friends and family for the first time - the pressure I put myself under!!  I met my baby niece for the first time - she's the best!  Finally, I tried out a lot of new music on Spotify that I lurve (and some I didn't).


1. Learn to knit.  Nope.  Wasn't in the cards.  I finally found someone I knew who can knit, but somehow we never got a chance to get together.

2. Learn guitar/ukulele/piano.  Another big no.  One day.  Sigh. 

3. Restoring the old wooden chair project I totally forgot about.  Maybe in 2015.

4. Call long-distance friends more often.  It was more often, but not as often as I would have liked.  I really suck at talking on the phone.

5. Paint your fingernails more often. Did it a couple of times but I keep procrastinating since I am so terrible at it, and then it hardly got done.  I need to just stop stressing and start dressing - my nails, that is!

6. No more than 1 review book a month.  Yeah, no.  I read tons of review books.  But I want to read more from my TBR this year.  No sense in all these books sitting here never getting read!

7. Walk at least a mile a week. Considering I have been really sick this year I have not been able to do this weekly, and even have had to skip whole months altogether, I am considering this one pretty much a bust.  But I did get some biking in and some water workouts in so there's that.

8. Daily Yoga.  Along with the stretching, this did not even happen daily like I hoped.  In fact, I got away from it for several months at one point.  Sad face.

9. Graduate from physical therapy.  Sadly, this didn't happen this year.  I am still in physical therapy.  But, fingers crossed, 2015 is the year for me!

10. Daily stretching.  I was doing really well the first half of the year, but this fall has been a bit rough.  I have been doing my exercises for physical therapy and stretching but the daily habit is a bit broken right now.  I need to work on this.

11.  Re-learn Sign Language. I did not stick with this as well as I did with the Spanish.  Hoping to do more in 2015.

12. Spend more time at the park.  Did not do this nearly enough.

13. Visit 2 museums.  I went to one, the Science Center and Museum, but did not get to a second one.

How have you done with your New Year's Resolutions?  Did you accomplish anything?  Did you totally forget about them?  Share in the comments!

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