December 2, 2014

Christmas Memories by Allison of The Book Wheel

Today Allison from The Book Wheel is here!  Thanks, Allison!

Christmas Memories

If you were to ask me what my favorite holiday is, chances are I wouldn't pick Christmas. Then, every year, Christmastime comes around and I'm reminded that it is, in fact, my favorite holiday and that I should stop trying to be so original. Even when I was handing out coupons at 2 am to Best Buy Black Friday customers in the snow, I was filled with the holiday cheer and singing through the teeth-chattering. As I've gotten older, I've lost family members and my siblings and I have moved away from home, so I find myself even more nostalgic for the great memories we had growing up. Today I am going to share with you a few of my favorite Christmas memories which will, undoubtedly, leave me feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

Gramma's House
Although I grew up in Florida, we spent many Christmas's with my Gramma in Massachusetts. She had this great house with pine green carpeting in the living room that managed to be 100% festive during the holiday seasons. Plus, she had a fireplace where we could hang our stockings, which was a great novelty for those of us coming from the South. Of course, there was also snow and tons of family, so it was always a fun time for us
kids who would sled down her sloped backyard. She also had these awesome cookie-making trays growing up. They weren't anything fancy and all we ever made with them were sugar cookies with sprinkles but absolutely loved them. Even when we spent Christmas away from her, we always made the sugar cookies and, I swear, they taste better simply because they were baked in those flat little trays. 

Christmas in Bandages

This one's not as fun but it is no less memorable for it and I'm going for honesty, here. Therefore, I admit that I have a penchant for hurting myself in snow. I don't know if this is because I grew up in Florida or because I'm a natural klutz, but snow activities and I don't mix well. Aside from the many slips and falls in the ice and snow, I managed to sprain my knee the first time I tried skiing and had the wind knocked out of me during my first snow tubing adventure. I also decided to have hip surgery over Christmas break, meaning I drank Maalox for New Year's and made pretty much everyone around me miserable by forcing them to stay home and take care of me. Needless today, I'm not big on either of those activities now and plan to ride my first snowmobile as a passenger next month so as to avoid a broken leg. Perhaps that's why I have so much Christmas spirit now - I have to compensate for my "lost years." 

Christmas Movies and MusicI LOVE Christmas movies. My favorite, by far, is A Mom for Christmas with Olivia Newton-John, followed by Prancer. I'm fairly certain I can recite every line of the former and cry every year at the latter. As for music, my favorite Christmas song isn't actually Christmas-y at all, but I love it anyway. It's the 1984 Band Aid song, Do
They Know It's Christmastime, and I play it daily starting the day after Thanksgiving until January 6. 

This and That

I'm the oldest of four girls, which means every year leaves us with one distinctive memory, like that one of my sisters always manages to duck out of family photos (check the photo to see what I mean). There's the year my  sister cried hysterically because she got batteries in her stocking for a toy she hadn't opened yet and the year I FINALLY got to help put presents under the tree. There's also the year when my husband proposed over Christmas break and the time the winter storm of '89 turned my parents' waterbed into a bed filled with ice chunks. And then, of course, I have my favorite Christmas ornaments, like the pull-string Wizard of Oz set and homemade ice skates, and my favorite holiday foods (black olives on my fingers to make "frog hands" and my grandmother's "blueberry stuff"). Needless to say, I have a lot of great Christmas memories and tradition, even if I forget how happy they make me during the sweltering summer months. I hope a few of my memories gave you a smile or a laugh but now I want to know - What's your favorite Christmas memory or tradition?

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