October 6, 2014

What I'm Reading Now 10/6/14

This week I finished a great book, but gave up 2 books that I just did not care about.  I really tried but if a month isn't enough time, is there any amount of time that will be?  I think not.

It's wondrous what giving up on books that don't do it for you will do for your reading.  I read 200 more pages this week than last week.  Yay!

How has your reading week gone?  


The Supernatural Enhancements by Edgar Cantero
*For Review from Publisher via Edelweiss*
Last Week: 27-47%
This Week: 47-100%
Pages Read This Week: 195
Thoughts:  So good!  Review to come.


Street of Thieves by Mathias Enard
*For Review from Publisher via Edelweiss*
Thoughts: This has won 3 French literary awards so I don't know if it is the translation or if it is simply not the book for me.  It is incredibly slow and incredibly boring to be about a homeless, runaway Muslim in Morocco.  I couldn't care less what happens to him.

Out by Natsuo Kirino
*For Travel the World in Books Readathon*
Pg. 215 of 400
Thoughts: I really tried to finish this book seeing as how I had read half of it but Kirino kept adding in more and more and more narrators, and the pace became slower and slower moving until I just no longer cared what happened to the murderers.  No caring at all.


The Aftermath by Jen Alexander
*For Review from Harlequin Teen*
This Week: 0-15%
Pages Read: 47
Thoughts: This is a never-before seen plot, which is very cool for a dystopian-esque book.  It's creepy and weird, in a good way.


The Review Books:

Becoming Un-Orthodox: Stories of Ex-Hasidic Jews by Lynn Davidman
*For Review from Oxford University Press via Net Galley*
Last Week:11-14%
This Week: 14-28%
Pages Read: 37
Thoughts: All of the thoughts expressed by those who left the orthodoxy runs parallel to all of my questions that ran through my mind while reading Invisible City by Julia Dahl.

Nest by Esther Ehrlich
*For Review from Random House Children's via Net Galley*
Last Week: 0-16%
This Week: 16-32%
Pages Read This Week: 46
Thoughts: Poor little Chirp.  I hate how much I relate to her mom's illness, though.

The Hidden Ones (Legacy of the Watchers #1) by Nancy Madore
*For Review from Author*
Last Week: 18-30%
This Week: 30-41%
Pages Read: 49
Thoughts: I am still wondering why the Capitol is on the cover of this book when the entire book seems to take place in Saudi Arabia and Israel.  Maybe something changes later.

The Reading For Fun Books:

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness
*For Fun*
On pg. 154 of 579
Last Week: 0 pages
This Week: 92 pages
Thoughts: Oh I am so loving this.  You guys were right!

Sweet Tooth: A Memoir by Tim Anderson
*For Fun*
Pg. 250 of 319
Last Week: 40 pages
This Week: 114 pages
Thoughts: Ha!  Since he is from NC, I was wondering if UNC-Greensboro (aka UNC-Gay) was going to be mentioned.  I went there and it is definitely dubbed that for its large (relative to other universities) homosexual population.  

A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki
*For the Travel the World in Books Readathon*
Pg. 206 of 422
Last Week: 26 pages
This Week: 18 pages
Thoughts: Still plugging away at this.  The plot is slow but I am invested in the characters, so I am still working on it.  I like Nao's parts better than Ruth's though.

Heller's Revenge (Heller Series #2) by J.D. Nixon
*For Fun, Borrowed from Mom*
Last Week: 18-35%
This Week: 35-55%
Pages Read: 61
Thoughts: I got annoyed at one part that seemed a little unrealistic and a little stupid, but overall it is still a great book.  Tilly is a little more bitchy than the last book, but then with what happened to her and Niq?  That was unexpected and such a good part.


Total Pages Read Last Week: 425
Total Pages Read THIS Week: 659

Books Reading for Review: 4
Books Reading for Readalongs/Challenges: 1
Books Reading for the Fun of It: 3

Total Books Currently Reading: 8
Total Books Read So Far This Year: 80


~What are you reading right now?  
~What did you just finish?  
~What book are you looking forward to reading next?  
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