October 18, 2014

DUDE! Dewey's READATHON is here!

It's Dewey's Readathon time!

I've got my books ready to read and my water beside me.
I'm comfy, lying on my bed with my head at the foot and feet at the head.
Because that's how you roll when it's #readathon time!

I didn't make a stack today, just a loose plan.
I'm letting today be flexible and spontaneous!
I did get up this morning and head to the grocery store to procure some snacks. 
Later I will make some Rotel and Velveeta dip and some brownies! 

I will be updating every couple of hours here on the blog.
I will probably be mostly on Twitter.
I will also be updating on Goodreads.
I will be updating on Instagram sometimes.
Periodically I will update my Tumblr. I'm trying to really get that thing going again!

I want to give a pre-thank you to all of the cheerleaders today.
I am not cheering officially today, but I have done it most readathons and I know it is hard work!
You all rock and we are very, very thankful for volunteering!


Off to read!  Have fun, everybody!

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