October 18, 2014

Dewey's Readathon Update Numero Uno

It's Dewey's Readathon!  
I'm having fun, are y'all?

Previous Updates: 

What I've Finished Reading:


Both of these were short but that's how you gotta start the readathon - with a sense of accomplishment!

Currently Reading:

Most Interesting Quotes:

"A son will always be a son, they say. But a girl is like a goat. Good as long as she gives you milk and butter. But not worth crying over when it's time to make a stew."
~Sold by Patricia McCormick

Current Reading Spot:

Reading at the end of my bed.
Why, yes, my pillow case IS too small for the body pillow.  
Oh well.

Current Snack Stuffs:

I haven't started snacking yet, as I ate a bit of breakfast before things got started.

Tweeting up a storm.  How did I get anything read? It's a mystery.
I also participated in the Tea or Coffee Mini-Challenge.


Books Read: 2
Pages Read: 92

How are you doing with the readathon?

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