September 9, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Underrated Books

This week's Top Ten Tuesday's theme is Top 10 Underrated Books or Authors in X Genre.  I couldn't come up with 10 in just one genre since I read everything so I just decided to come up with the top 10 books I feel people do not talk about enough. 


Hardly anyone I know has read this even though it became a bestseller when it was first published in 1978.  Told in a series of letters, it is really a remarkable story and I highly recommend it.


I just wrote about how this was a favorite book for Travel the World in Books.  A Muslim-American woman of Indo-Pakistani descent begins to discover there is more to her family and faith than she previously thought.


No matter your feelings on Angelina Jolie's personal life, she has done wonders bringing attention to refugees across the world as the U.N. Ambassador.  Here, she tells about some of the people she meets during her travels as the ambassador and how they change her thinking, beliefs, and life.


Moran's first book, Nefertiti, gets all the attention (and it is a wonderful book), but my personal favorite is her second novel, The Heretic Queen, which is about Nefertari, Nefertiti's niece.  She must deal with the aftermath of Nefertiti's reign of heresy and try to make a place for herself in this Egypt.


A small group of strangers, all on their death beds, wake up to find themselves in an abandoned hospital in a race for survival, but they have to band together to figure it out.  A unique story that I find should be required reading of any dystopian or YA sci-fi nut.


Another book I mentioned for Travel the World in Books, the story of Tula, told in lyrical prose, is a story that is at once brave, beautiful, and passionate.


I admit someone must be reading these besides me because there is an entire series, but these are fast-paced, surprising, and pretty hilarious. If you haven't read them yet, the first one is free on Amazon.


I loved this mix of art theft, Nazi collaboration, and suspense.  The character development is top notch and the plot will have you rapidly turning the pages.


Based on her life, Tomi writes about finding the legacy her grandfather left her in her family's community in Nigeria.  In a journal, he leaves her thoughts on life and how to survive and live fully, be happy and achieve self-respect.  


Arissa, a Muslim-American artist and writer, finds her life changed instantaneously as planes fly into the Twin Towers.

What about you, what do you think are some underrated books?

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