September 9, 2014

MINI-CHALLENGE - Travel the World in Books Readathon

How is everyone loving the Readathon so far?
I am having a blast, personally!  

Today I am excited because I get to host my first mini-challenge ever!  

It is one of my faves too.  Spine Poetry!
The twist is it has to be spine poetry using books that take place around the world.

This is an Instagram Challenge.   Here is the link to my Instagram so you can see my own photo there, but I am putting it up here for you as well.

The books I used from top to bottom (which is also how you read the poem):

The Unexpected Son:
The Pearl That Broke Its Shell
That Night
In the River Sweet

What do you think? 

And, because I know you want to know (because I would),
in order, the authors and country/culture are:

Shobhan Bantwal (India/America)
Nadia Hashimi (Afghanistan)
Chevy Stevens (Canada)
Natsuo Kirino (Japan)
Patricia Henley (Vietnam/America)

Creating Spine Poetry is a blast!  I hope you will join in!

If you don't have enough diverse books in your own book collection to make it work, feel free to use a few library books.  If you have one book that isn't that is okay as long as the majority are books from around the world.  That IS the theme, after all!

This mini-challenge is open until 11:59pm EST, Thursday, September 11th.  
Be sure to tag the readathon so we don't miss your post!

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