September 27, 2014

Ellis Drake Novellas


Hanged to Death and Tweet the Police are two short novella mysteries by Ellis Drake.  

Summary of Hanged to Death:

When Rachel takes a college internship at a museum, all she expects to do is help with exhibits. What she doesn’t expect is to find her boss murdered.

The list of suspects includes a cranky museum director, a sweet administrative assistant, and a know-it-all board member. Throw in a cute detective who plans on shutting down Rachel’s exhibit unless the murderer is found, and you have one college intern who might just be in over her head. However, the show must go on, and Rachel finds herself getting more than college credit to find out who killed her boss.

First Sentence:
"The Sierra Madre Community Arts Museum was typically a hushed place--especially in the adult galleries away from the children's museum and cafe--but today chaos had descended."


This was a cute little cozy mystery about a murder in an art museum.  Rachel was very likable and I enjoyed trying to figure out who the murderer was - it wasn't easy!  Rachel is just an intern and she really gets more than she bargained for.  She only wants to set up a space for the first time and get it done on time, but it's kind of hard what with a dead boss on the floor instead of art on the walls.

I could tell that Ms. Drake was kind of finding her voice here.  This is the first of her books.  But it doesn't take away from the story.

Summary of Tweet the Police:

Rick thought being a sheriff's deputy in the small New Mexico town of Ultima would be a quiet job--but that was before he met Mrs. Pendergast, the local busybody who fancies herself an amateur sleuth.

When Mrs. P sees a tweet asking for help on her new smartphone, she's determined to find out if the "tweep" is okay; and it's all Rick and her granddaughter, Sylvie, can do to keep up with her!

First Sentence:
"Ricky Valdez was leaning on his desk, drinking an acidic cup of black coffee."


I LOVED Mrs. Pendergast.  She's quite funny.  She's also very persistent and she doesn't take shit from anyone, not even the sheriff.  She believes in the crime she is trying to report and she is going to make someone listen!  She decides to check out Twitter with her new smartphone and makes some new friends.  However, she believes a friend from Twitter is in trouble and she is determined not only to make the police look into it, but she is determined to investigate the situation herself!  

I liked this story better than Hanged to Death, though both were good.  This one had more developed characters and Drake is good at writing comedic timing.

These two novellas are both only 99 cents on Amazon, so
well worth it to try them out!

(I am NOT an Amazon affiliate.)

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