September 30, 2014


Several friends and I were discussing our love of reading the Baby-Sitter's Club books when we were younger and we got the great idea to do a readalong.  So we each read whatever BSC books we could get our hands on and discussed them on social media and blogged about them.  Here are my reviews on the three I read.

BSC Mystery #11 - Claudia and the Mystery of the Museum

Ah!  Claudia was always my favorite.  She's got the most personality, if you ask me.  I really enjoyed reading this book.  I had not read it before, or any of the mysteries, so it was a new book experience even though it was re-visiting the same characters.  

It was interesting for me to read how easily the group dismissed not only the children they baby-sit for, but also an entire troop of Brownies, as suspects in the museum robbery, simply because they were children.  "We all cracked up. 'I haven't heard any reports of ancient coins being used to buy Gummi worms at the candy store,' said Stacey."  

An appropriate face from an appropriate '80s icon.
Kids can't steal?  Where have you been?
Yea, now these days?  That scenario of children stealing?  Nobody would believe those lines for a second.  Totally legit and believable.  I had a Kindergarten student steal pieces from games and puzzles in the classroom.  Just one piece a day.  Not even from the same game/puzzle.  It was very random. His grandmother later brought in an entire gallon Ziploc bag full of the pieces that she had found while cleaning his room.  She said he watched his older brother and even his parents stealing and didn't really grasp the concept of monetary value in theft, but knew how to do it discreetly and decided that stealing was how you were a part of the family. Heartbreaking, but shows that the idea of a Brownie troop making off with ancient coins a lot less laughable and a lot more feasible.

Overall, I really liked reading this book. It was fun.

I had forgotten all about the journal notes the BSC wrote to each other in their collective notebook.
This isn't hers, but I can barely understand Claudia's because it is full of spelling errors.
Authentic of Ann M. Martin, though.

BSC #16 - Jessi's Secret Language

Jessi is the BSC member who moved into Stacey's old house and was best friends with Mallory, for those of you who read the series but might not remember her.  In this book, Jessi is practicing to be a lead in her dance recital as well as becoming the main babysitter for Matt Braddock, who is a child with total hearing loss.  

However, speaking of the race relations, a huge deal is made out of the fact Jessi and her family are black and are looked at suspiciously by these Connecticut white folk.  Also, they call the deaf child "handicapped".  This was written in 1988 so I get the terminology was different, so you kind of have to overlook that.  Martin including both racial relations and a physically challenged child in one story for young teens was pretty progressive for the time. 

Is it really necessary to write down how each person did not know each person?
If Jenny doesn't know you, then of course you don't know Jenny. DUH.
Even pre-teens can figure that out.

Super Special #2: Summer Vacation

The BSC Super Special #1: Baby-Sitters on Board! was my favorite BSC book.  Me, the non-re-reader, must have read it a dozen or more times.  So I thought, well, I will love the 2nd Super Special, too, right! Well....not so much.

I was like disappointed kitty.

I just found everything boring.  Maybe it was because I had just read 2 other BSC books and I was starting to need a change.  Maybe it was because I could've cared less about the dopey camp.  Maybe it was because I was tired of all the repetitiveness (there's a lot of repetitiveness in BSC books, not including the recaps of who everyone is that is at the beginning of each book.  Good for 9-year-olds, annoying to me at this point in my life.  See photo above.)  Maybe I had been reading too many books with multiple narrators (WHY is this in every single book these days?  I hate trends.)  Maybe it was a combination of all these things.  I just couldn't get into it.

Unfortunately, this kind of put a damper on my enthusiasm and I stopped there.  I think I've been a bit fearful that if I did not like the next BSC book I picked up right now that I would be put off ever trying again.  So maybe I will try again next year.   

Have you ever gone back and re-read favorite books from your youth?  What was your experience(s)?

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