September 13, 2014

A Sudden Light by Garth Stein

So it is the 1990s and Trevor's dad has brought him to his childhood home, Riddell House.  Here Trevor finds his family's wealth and legacy are much more complex than he imagined.  
A Sudden Light is a ghost story that isn't scary, just oddly fascinating and mysterious.

The whole time you just think what is UP?  Is there a ghost in the house or not?  Wait, are there multiple ghosts?  What happened to his grandmother?  Why all the secretiveness surrounding her death?  Does his grandfather even HAVE dementia?  Is his dad ever going to stop being a douche?  What is the deal with his dad and aunt calling each other Brother Jones and Sister Serena?  It's creeptastic. And is Serena just quirky or is she out of her ever-loving mind?  

After an amazing beginning, it starts going in circles and stalling a bit in the middle, I gather for suspense-building, but it goes on a little too slowly.  A few parts were predictable and the story could have been cut by about 50 pages to be sure.  

With that said,  it was still pretty weird and creepy story.  And I'm not talking about just the ghosts.  When you discover all of the various secrets haunting Riddell House, it's just insane.


Has anyone else read this?  What were your thoughts?

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