August 6, 2014

Wondrous Words Wednesday

I have a TON of words this week!  Are any new to you also?

With that said, here are my words since last time:

 Lies Told in Silence by M.K. Tod

1.  SKITTLES- a game played with wooden pins, typically nine in number, set up at the end of an alley to be bowled down with a wooden ball or disc. - (in full table skittles) a game played with similar pins set up on a board to be knocked down by swinging a suspended ball. - British INFORMAL chess that is not played seriously. (I'm not entirely sure which of these it is referring to in the book, but I learned all of them!)

2. TANTE- (for Tante Camille in the book): tante /tα t tα nt tantə/ n. (especially among those of French, German, or Afrikaans origin) a mature or elderly woman who is related or well known to the speaker (often used as a respectful form of address). 

1. EXTRAPOLATING- to infer from given data; to project, extend, or expand the known or experienced into an area not known or experienced to arrive at a point of conjecture.

1. INVIGILATOR- (U.K.) a proctor during an examination

2. IGNOMINY - public shame or disgrace

1. STEVEDORES-  a person employed, or a contractor engaged, at a dock to load and unload cargo from ships.

2. SAMPAN- a relatively flat bottomed, Chinese wooden boat.

3. CHURLISH- rude in a mean-spirited or surly way

4. CREPUSCULAR- of, relating to, or resembling twilight

1. VOCIFEROUS- vehement or clamorous

2. ADROITLY- skillfully, cleverly, resourcefully

3. ELUCIDATED-  explained

1. ABATTOIR - a slaughterhouse.

2. SABRA - (Hebrew: צבר‎, pronounced tzabar) is an informal term that refers to Israeli Jews born in Israel. 

3.  CODEX - A codex is a book made up of a number of sheets of paper, vellum, papyrus, or similar, with hand-written content, usually stacked and bound by fixing one edge and with covers thicker than the sheets, but sometimes continuous and folded concertina-style.

4. EXEGESIS - critical explanation or interpretation of a text, especially of scripture.

5. THE MIDRASH - In Judaism, the Midrash (Hebrew: מדרש‎; plural midrashim) is the body of exegesis of torah texts along with homiletic stories as taught by chazal (Jewish rabbinic sages of the post-Temple era) that provide an intrinsic analysis to passages in the Tanakh.
Midrash is a method of interpreting biblical stories that goes beyond simple distillation of religious, legal, or moral teachings. It fills in gaps left in the biblical narrative regarding events and personalities that are only hinted at.
The purpose of midrash was to resolve problems in the interpretation of difficult passages of the text of the Hebrew Bible, using Rabbinic principles of hermeneutics and philology to align them with the religious and ethical values of religious teachers. (from Wikipedia)

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