August 4, 2014

What I'm Reading Monday

This week I started a readalong, which I am loving. I added in a couple more review books to my regimen.  Finished 2 books, and DNF one book.  I am reading nothing but amazingly good books right now.  What more could a book nerd want?!? 

(Subtitled: Yes, I do finish books)

Claudia and the Mystery at the Museum (BSC Mystery #11) by Ann M. Martin
Pages Read: 136
Thoughts: I have been immediately transported back to late elementary school/middle school!  Looking at it with fresh eyes, I notice there is some telling instead of showing, but I am also noticing how it is full of diversity (not just racially, either), which, as you know, I lurve.

Divided (Dualed #2) by Elsie Chapman
*For Review from the Publisher and Author*
Last Week: 62-80%
This Week: 80-100%
Pages Read: 64
Thoughts: Really well-done follow-up.  Review coming soon!


The Word Exchange by Alena Graedon
*For Review via Net Galley*
Thoughts: I tried really hard because the premise is just SO damn interesting.  I will write a post on why I eventually gave up.  April has convinced me to set it aside and try it again another time.

(check below this section for new books for the week)

But Enough About You: Essays by Christopher Buckley
*For Review via Edelweiss*
Last Week: 0-4%
This Week: 4-11%
Pages Read: 31
Thoughts: This is a long book of essays, but luckily they are short and interesting!  And pretty funny, too!  

Free Spirit: Growing Up on the Road and Off the Grid by Joshua Safran
*Thanks to Beth's Book Review for this book*
On Pg. 71 of 288
Last Week: 16 pages
This Week: 17 pages
Thoughts: I like that his mom is finally showing some of that feminism that she espouses with this Bob guy.  He is a waste of space.

The Lost by Sarah Beth Durst
*For Review*
Last Week:  0-21%
This Week: 21-31%
Pages Read: 35
Thoughts: Durst has me wrapped up in this story.

How to Build a Girl: A Novel by Cailin Moran
*For Review thanks to Harper and Edelweiss*
Last Week: 3-6%
This Week: 6-12% 
Pages Read: 21
Thoughts: I am looking forward to seeing Johanna come into her own. She is a lot more precocious than I was at 14.  

The Seventh Cup by Nitesh Jain
*For Review thanks to the Author*
Last Week: 0-3%
This Week: 0%
Pages Read: 0
Thoughts: I didn't get to this this week. I will be this week, definitely.

Lies Told in Silence by M.K. Tod
*For Review for HFVT*
Last Week: 0-10%
This Week: 10-13%
Pages Read: 11
Thoughts: I got confused for a while with Tod switching between saying "Grandmere" and "Helene's grandmother", which are the same woman.  Then there are Madame Lalonde and Tante Camille, whom I thought at first were also the grandmother, but apparently are not, they are all friends.  


Jane Austen's First Love by Syrie James
*For Review*
This Week: 0-17%
Pages Read: 68
Thoughts: Immediately captured me and invested me in the story.

A Sudden Light by Garth Stein
*For Review via Edelweiss*
This Week: 0-12%
Pages Read: 38
Thoughts: Another one that captured me instantaneously.

Jessi's Secret Language (BSC #16) by Ann M. Martin
*For BSC Readalong*
Pg. 22 of 160
This Week: 22 pages
Thoughts: More nostalgia time!  We are having a blast with this readalong!


Total Pages Read Last Week: 535
Total Pages Read THIS Week: 442

Books Reading for Review: 7
Books Reading for the Fun of It: 2

Total Books Currently Reading: 9
Total Books Read So Far This Year: 62



~What are you reading right now?  
~What did you just finish?  
~What book are you looking forward to reading next?  
Share in the comments!

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