August 30, 2014

Short 'n Sweet Reviews: Jane Austen, The Lost, Goodnight June

Today I am reviewing three books that were graciously given to me by the publishers in exchange for an honest review.  

TITLE: Jane Austen's First Love
AUTHOR: Syrie James
PUBLISHER: Berkley Trade
RATING: 4 Stars
THOUGHTS:  I enjoyed this lighthearted tale of Jane as a teenager spending two weeks with friends and relations far from home.  Jane is a spirited, optimistic fifteen-year-old.  She is naive, but then most are at that age.  She reminded me very much of her character, Emma. The pace stagnated a couple of times, but the characters were so wonderfully depicted that I just had to know how everything resolved itself.

TITLE: Goodnight June
AUTHOR: Sarah Jio
RATING: 3.5 Stars
THOUGHTS: Can I live and work at Bluebird Books?  I can? Thanks!  Because I want to so badly.  I admire the way Jio wove the story of June, Ruby, and the bookstore together with the correspondence between Ruby and Margaret Wise Brown.  Predictable at times, it was still so enchanting a tale that I hardly noticed.  I got frustrated with Gavin's character, as he seems too perfect to even relate to, but when I found out about June's past, it turned those feelings on their head. Not a particularly stimulating book, but it will keep you cozy late into the night. 

TITLE: The Lost
AUTHOR: Sarah Beth Durst
RATING: 4 Stars
THOUGHTS: Jumps right into the action and hardly slows to catch its breath right to through to the end.  I loved the characters and loved watching them grow.  Lauren can be a bit more tentative than I typically like in a protagonist, but Peter and Claire help her realize her potential is so much greater than she assumes.  I cannot help but  think Lost actually exists.

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