August 5, 2014

Short 'n Sweet Mini Reviews: YA Edition

Today I am reviewing four YA books that I've read over the last couple of months.  
Each one is recommended - so yay!  Which one do you think you will check out first?

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart
*3.5 STARS*

We Were Liars was a great book, but I am not sure if it deserved as much hype as it has gotten.  For one thing, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot know anything about the plot. It will not ruin the story to know that Cady had a weird accident on the island that changes the feel of the Sinclair family vacations.  It won't ruin the story to know that this is a stuck-up snobfest of a family, these Sinclairs, yet somehow you find them relatable (good writing by Lockhart). 

The huge twist and shock everyone exclaims about was not that huge or shocking to me.  Perhaps the hype led me to believe I would be physically blown backwards from the force of the revelation, but I wasn't.  It was more like, oh that makes total sense.  With that said, it is a good book and totally worth reading and I think you will find that the twist is a lot more shocking and twisty when your expectations are not through the roof. :)

Cut by Patricia McCormick

To tell you just how far behind I am on book reviews, I read this during the April Readathon.  Yea....
BUT it is a page-turning book with an in-depth character analysis that touches on all the empathetic pieces of the heart.  I have had friends who cut and I can assure you this captures the dichotomy of worthlessness/giving up and cry for help that encapsulates why many people cut.  It is not a gross book nor a depressing book.  Callie is highly relatable and I want to be her friend.  McCormick's writing is so amazing, I went out and bought Sold, another book of hers, because I need more McCormick.   I highly recommend this book!  You can't borrow mine right now, though.  It's already on loan!


BlackMoon Beginnings (Prophesized #1)
Scorching Secrets (Prophesized #2)
by Kaitlyn Hoyt

I met Kaitlyn, I believe, through my old writing FB group that I have not had nary a second to run in months and has quietly gone into limbo.  However, she granted me her first book in the Prophesized series and I finally got a chance to read it.  I was amazed!  Blown away.  Kaitlyn is a college student and she has written a very good series of books.  The characters are relatable and each have a distinct personality.  It is fantastical, it is funny, it has a fast pace.  The only drawback is you can tell she did not have an editor other than family members at the time and sometimes there is a lot of telling where showing would do, but the books are still fantastic.  In fact, I bought the second book in the series the day I finished the first because I had to keep reading!  I want the next book but will have to wait as I have no book money right now. (*cries*) 

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