August 27, 2014

Cracking the Whip on My New Year's Resolutions


1.  Don't force self to read books I'm just not that into.  I am DNF'ing whenever I feel like reading a book is becoming a chore.  Consequently, my reading has become much more enjoyable, free, and exciting.

2. Draw more.  I have made lots of art this year from sketches to paintings to designing bookmarks.  I'm having a lot of fun with it!

3. Dance again.  It is slow and sporadic but I am taking 5 minutes here and there to dance in my bedroom to a song with a good beat.  I might not be able to ever return to dance classes, so I will take this!

4. Give yourself a break.  I have been slowly coming to terms with the fact my body is degenerating each year.  I can do less and less and less.  But that doesn't mean I can't do a little every day and that is what I have been doing. :)

5. Meditate for 6 minutes.  It is very challenging but I can do it.  3-4 minutes is still my comfort zone.  I don't know how people meditate for long stretches of time, even hours.  I hope I can make it to 10 minutes next year.

6. I have re-learned the Spanish I had forgotten.  

7. Laughing a lot.  I have some great friends and they make me laugh every day.  John makes me laugh every day, even when I am sad or angry.  He's really great at that.

8. Cook more.  I have learned several new recipes, I can cook pretty much any vegetables, and I am almost to the point where I can tell meat is done without cutting it into a thousand pieces.  But more was the point, not well.  That's still a work in progress. :)


1. Read 75 books in a year.  I am at 67 now.  I will meet this goal in September or October.  Yay!

2. Write more.  I've blogged a lot more than I did last year, and I wrote most of a children's story.  I just need to figure out some of the kinks in it, which has not been an easy task, unfortunately.

3. Graduate from physical therapy.  I just started again this week after having to take a break for insurance reasons.

4. Still doing daily stretching.  I have missed several days when in horrible flare-ups, but since I have stretched nearly every single day since January, I am still calling it an in-progress goal. If it is over 320 days of the year, I say it is a successfully completed goal.  Flare-ups can't count all the time, right?

5. Eat healthier.  I am better at this sometimes more than other times.  Flare-ups I suck at it, when I feel better I tend to eat better (it also helps I can cook when I am not so sick.) I have been eating more vegetarian meals.

6. Learning more Spanish.  Almost have conversational Spanish down (you know, beyond the formality greetings and what have you.)  I am hoping to become pretty good by 2015!

7. Still working on re-learning Sign Language as well, although this progress is a lot slower than my Spanish simply because I have apps to help make re-learning Spanish easier.

8. Remember to take care of yourself first and the rest will fall into place.  I still suck at this but I am getting better at saying no when I feel something is too much for me or I feel like my health issues will get in the way.  I am also trying to schedule in rest days during my week so I don't overwhelm my body anymore.  Easier said than done.

9. Tell the people I love I love them more often.  This seems to come in waves.  I really need to just keep doing this.

10. Spend more time at the park.  Not doing very well at this, but I have been to the park several times this year.  I need to step it up.

11. Visit 2 museums.  I have been to one, the Science Center and Museum.  So I have one down, one to go!

12. Try 7 new things this year.  Tried some new Egyptian food.   Tried some new paints.   Tried out designing bookmarks.   Getting ready to help run a Readathon for the first time!   So I need 3 more things still.


1. Learn to knit.  I am going to give it another try.  I've been procrastinating because I feel like if I fail a third time I will have to stop trying and admit defeat.

2. Learn guitar/ukulele/piano.  I really need to get my uke tuned.  I've had every intention of getting help with that for months.  You know, since January. 

3. Looking dire on the whole restoring the old wooden chair project.

4. Call long-distance friends more often.  It is more often, but not as often as it should be.  Hoping to improve.  

5. Paint your fingernails more often.  I have painted my fingernails a total of once in the past 8 months.  


1. No more than 1 review book a month.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  

2. Walk at least a mile a week. Considering I have been really sick this year I have not been able to do this weekly, and even have had to skip whole months altogether.  I'm hoping now that I'm back in physical therapy and I am getting help for my bum ankle this can pick back up, but the goal is blown at any rate.

3. Same with daily yoga.  I don't know when or how it happened but I slowly started doing less and less yoga.  I had to stop the classes because of money but I need to pick up my home routine again.  

How have you done with your New Year's Resolutions?  Did you accomplish anything?  Did you totally forget about them?  Share in the comments!

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