August 15, 2014

Blogger Shout-Outs - Week #6!

This week I found so many good posts!  You guys kick ass! 
Also, I have already began procuring swag to give away to the comment kings and queens.  
 Check out this week's links and then check the leaderboard!


1. April posted a really thoughtful and thorough review of Lighthouse Island on The Steadfast Reader.

2. I also enjoyed reading Ti's review of Never Fall Down on Book Chatter.

3. Sandie of Booksie's Blog's review of The Skin Collector, the newest Lincoln Rhyme novel, has me wanting to get back into the series.

4. Great review of Dickens' Oliver Twist by Jeremy from Beltway Literature.  He might just get you to try it if you haven't.  He did it to me. :)

5. Kristen at My Friends are Fiction let me know Jackaby by Will Ritter lives up to the hype.

6. Lisa of Lit and Life does  a great comparison of Orange is the New Black book and TV series.

7. Diane introduced me to The Conditions of Love by Dale M. Kushner.  Sounds so good!


1. I am soo excited about Beth of Beth's Book Review's new project, called #BookBlunders.  Check it out!

2. Michele writes a lovely tribute to Robin Williams and dealing with mental illness on A Reader's Respite.

3. Then if you are not done crying, read Tif's post where she reveals something super personal that I think is amazingly brave.

3. Do you have a middle schooler?  Jennifer and her daughter post some book recommendations on Bookalicious Mama.


1. I found out about Parajunkee's Snark Week like the day after last week's Shout-Outs.  Go over and check it out.  Perhaps get your Snark on.

2. Speaking of sharks (because she likes them, not because she is one), Allison of The Book Wheel is hosting 30 Authors in 30 Days in September.  I cannot wait to participate!  Yahoo!

3. Don't forget Bout of Books #11 is next week!  Are you participating?  

Bout of Books


1. Xpresso Reads is hosting an interview plus giveaway for Alexandra Adornetto's Ghost House as well as a $100 Gift Card as part of a blog tour.

2. The Midnight Garden is celebrating 2 new writers joining in on the blog with a huge giveaway of 3 big bundles of books!

3. Supernatural Snark is giving away a $25 Gift Card as part of a blog tour for Storms of Lazarus.


1. Charlene @ Book Whimsy

2. Zed
3. April @ The Steadfast Reader
4. Michelle Miller
5. Andi
6. Shannon @ River City Reading
7. Ya Reads
8. Tasha B.
9. Tif Talks Books
10. Charleen Lynette
11. Bermudaonion (Kathy)
12. My Home of Books
13. Tanya M.
14. Helen @ My Novel Opinion
15. Sarah (Sarah's Book Shelves)
16. Emma @ Words and Peace
17. Joy Weese Moll

*I will be awarding the top 6 commenters with some bookish swag at the end of the year!*

1. Bermudaonion (Kathy)
2. Tanya M.

3. April (The Steadfast Reader)
3. Irene McKenna
4. Michelle Miller
5. Charleen Lynette
6. Sarah (Sarah's Book Shelves)

YOU! Could be on this list.
Leave comments, win prizes as thanks!

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