July 28, 2014

What I'm Reading Monday

This week I finished one book and started...four.  By now, do you really expect anything different from me?  But look at what I am reading!  Everything is so good!

(Subtitled: Yes, I do finish books)

Daughters of Absence: Transforming a Legacy of Loss by Mindy Weisel
Last Week: 0%
This Week: 38%- 100%
Pages Read: 157
This book is a collection of essays and book excerpts written by the children of Holocaust survivors. I was supposed to read this a little at a time since it was not for review but I liked it so much I kept reading it even when I should've been reading other books!


Beautiful Boy: A Father's Journey Through His Son's Addiction by David Sheff
*Borrowed from my best friend who basically threatened our friendship if I didn't read this instantly lol*
Pg. 75 of 336
Last Week: 19 pages
This Week:  37 pages
Thoughts: This is really an absorbing tale.  I'm not a parent but I can completely feel the struggle of the Sheffs doing absolutely everything right and it still going wrong.  Unfortunately I couldn't renew this one so it went back to the library.  But I am definitely going to check it out when the other patron is done with it!

Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira
*Won in a giveaway during Armchair BEA*
Pg. 52 of 327
Last Week: 0 pages
This Week: 0 pages 
Thoughts: I am not feeling this book right now and have so much else I have to read for review that I am putting a pause on this one.

(check below for new books for the week)

Free Spirit: Growing Up on the Road and Off the Grid by Joshua Safran
*Thanks to Beth's Book Review for this book*
On Pg. 54 of 288
Last Week: 0 pages
This Week:  16 pages
Thoughts: I like Safran's story a lot but I can't read a lot of it at once depending on the character of the month him and his mom are with.  This guy they are with now is UBER-annoying.  He is teaching Josh to steal.

The Word Exchange by Alena Graedon
*For Review via Net Galley*
Last Week: 33%-36%
This Week: 36%- 68%
Pages Read: 123
Thoughts: I am skimming this at times, TBH.  Some of it seems to be dragged out.  But I am very tuned in to the mystery part of it.

Divided (Dualed #2) by Elsie Chapman
*For Review from the Publisher and Author*
Last Week: 37%-62%
This Week: 62%- 80%
Pages Read: 58
Thoughts: Good twists! 

How to Build a Girl: A Novel by Cailin Moran
*For Review thanks to Harper and Edelweiss*
Last Week: 0%
This Week: 3%-6% 
Pages Read: 10
Thoughts: I've been slow to start with this one but I think I will devour it soon enough.


The Lost by Sarah Beth Durst
*For Review*
This Week:  21%
Pages Read: 74
Thoughts: I love this concept!  I can't wait to see where it goes!

The Seventh Cup by Nitesh Jain
*For Review thanks to the Author*
This Week: 3%
Pages Read: 9
Thoughts: Not much yet as I just started it this morning.

Lies Told in Silence by M.K. Tod
*For Review for HFVT*
This Week: 10 %
Pages Read: 35
Thoughts: So far the plot is paced well and I like the characters. Yea!

But Enough About You: Essays by Christopher Buckley
*For Review via Edelweiss*
This Week: 4%
Pages Read: 16
Thoughts: That was a loong prologue, but Buckley sounds interesting enough to carry me through 400+ pages of essays, so yay!


Total Pages Read Last Week: 393
Total Pages Read THIS Week: 535

Books Reading for Review: 7
Books Reading for Fun: 1

Total Books Currently Reading: 8
Total Books Read So Far This Year: 61



Also I will be reading some Baby-Sitters Club books for our nostalgic readalong we are having in August!

What are you reading right now?  What did you just finish?  What book are you looking forward to reading next?  Share in the comments!

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