July 8, 2014

What I'm Reading Monday

Wow, I haven't done one of these in almost a year.  And now that I have, I am a day late.  But I want to keep up better with how much I am reading every week, so I thought I would begin participating again (I will be on time next week.)  I will start with what I finished reading this past week, then what I am currently reading, and then end with what I have slated to read next.  And, as you've come to expect no less from me, I am reading a kajillion books at once.


A Burnable Book by Bruce Holsinger
*Passed along to me by Michele of A Reader's Respite*

I tried really hard to get into this book but I could not.  I am not sure if it is because I just didn't connect with the story or if it is because I have been having trouble getting into historical fiction the past few months.  I am going to go with the latter because Michele is pretty spot on with her recs.

Why Your Weirdness is Wonderful: Embrace Your Quirks 
and Live Your Strengths by Laurie Wallin
*For Review from Net Galley*
4 Stars

This is actually a Christian based book (which I did not know when I got it), but it is not preachy at all and that makes it readable.

Scorching Secrets (Prophesized #2) by Kaitlyn Hoyt
I've actually read this and the first in the series in the past month.  Kaitlyn gifted me the first one, BlackMoon Beginnings, for review.  I liked it so much I purchased the second book.  There are two more in the series that I want to purchase when I get some more book money.
4 Stars

Dualed (Dualed #1) by Elsie Chapman
4 Stars
This was a quick re-read, as I got the second book for review and quickly realized I'd forgotten
most of what I needed to know.  Who has been there?  


We Were Liars by E. Lockhart
*Passed on to me by another blogger, I've totally forgotten who cause I suck*
On Pg. 43 of 240
Last Week I Read: 0 pages
This Week I Read: 43 pages
So far I have about a trillion questions.  

Daughters of Absence: Transforming a Legacy of Loss by Mindy Weisel
Last Week: 32%
This Week: 0%
Pages Read: 0
This book is a collection of essays and book excerpts written 
by the children of Holocaust survivors.  Some days I can't read it due to
 the heaviness of the content.  But it is pretty good.

Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen
*Downloaded via Librivox*
Last Week: 33%
This Week: 49%
Pages Read (Listened to): 39
I am reading this to review on The Project Gutenberg Project.
I don't believe this is the exact collection, but it is the closest one I could find on Goodreads to mark my progress.

Free Spirit: Growing Up on the Road and Off the Grid by Joshua Safran
*Thanks to Beth's Book Review for this book*
On Pg. 10 of 288
Last Week: 0 pages
This Week: 10 pages
Obviously, I don't have much of an opinion yet, as I have just started it, and I've only read the prologue.

Goodnight June by Sarah Jio
*For Review from Net Galley*
Last Week: 46%
This Week: 50%
Pages Read: 13
I really am enjoying this "what if" scenario with Margaret Wise Brown and 
the story of June and Bluebird Books.  I so want to work there.  I admit
I didn't get much read in it this week, though.

The Word Exchange by Alena Graedon
*For Review via Net Galley*
Last Week: 17%
This Week: 26%
Pages Read: 35
As much as I want to devour this book in one sitting, I am reading it fairly
slowly, as I want to read it very deliberately.  This really isn't a read-it-quick kind of book. 
It takes contemplation and absorption.  And a dictionary.  But I like the challenge.

Divided (Dualed #2) by Elsie Chapman
*For Review from the Publisher and Author*
Last Week: 8%
This Week: 22%
Pages Read: 45
I am not sure if I am liking where this is headed but Chapman has a way of writing that
keeps you glued to the book, so I am sure I will be enchanted soon enough.

Invisible City by Julia Dahl
*Passed along to me by a blogger, again I forget who because I suck*
Pg. 197 of 304
Last Week: Read 38 pages
This Week: 56 pages
I really love learning about the Hasidic community in Brooklyn and getting to the bottom of Rivka's murder.  I like Rebekah as a character, too.  I wonder what the deal is with Saul.

Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira
*Won in a giveaway during Armchair BEA*
Pg. 15 of 327
Last Week: 0 pages
This Week: 15 pages
Pages Read: 15
If only Kurt Cobain and Amelia Earhart could receive our letters.

Total Pages Read This Week: 256



What are you reading right now?  What did you just finish?  What book are you looking forward to reading next?  Share in the comments!

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