July 3, 2014

Throw-Back Thursday: Horrible Book Covers

I was looking back through some old posts and came across this one and I had to re-share it.  I originally posted it January 13, 2013.


I was looking through the bookstore the other day and I was thinking how some books have such amazing, gorgeous, pick-me-up-you-have-to-read-me covers, and other books have horrible, dreadful, pass-me-over-my-story-will-suck covers.  I truly believe a cover can make or break whether someone picks up a book.  Not always, but especially when the story is not well-known.   Here are some book covers that had me wondering, what was the publisher thinking?

Note: This list has nothing to do with the story inside, just the covers.







What do YOU think?  Which do you think are the worst?  Any that you think aren't so bad?  

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