July 26, 2014

Baby-Sitters Club Books Readalong in August

Is this not the best idea for a readalong you've heard in forever?   I know.

I was talking with Tamara of Traveling with T about our shared lurve of the BSC and we've discovered other bloggers who share our nostalgic affection for the series - Shannon, Mandy, and Beth.  We have decided to have a readalong for the whole month of August.  That's right.  A WHOLE MONTH OF BSC GOODINESS.

Shannon thought up the great idea to simply make it an extended readalong and read any books from the series we can get our hands on, as libraries and collections will differ depending on where you are and it would be much more difficult to procure one or two particular books.  

Do YOU want to join us for the readalong?  Yes?  Why, we thought you would.  Feel free to sign up below and grab the simplistic readalong image I managed to make and join us!

We will be using the hashtag #BSCreadalong to talk about it on social media.  

We hope you will join us!  Fun reads!  Fun discussions!  Exciting nostalgia!  All the feels!!

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