June 14, 2014

Saturday Quoteday

I love finding parts of a book that are just speak to me and are just so quotable, so every week I am going to share my faves with you.  Here are some of my favorite quotes from my reading the past couple of weeks:

from Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Headley 

"Nowadays-- though I'm sure the sky is still occasionally blue and most of the houses are still there, and the trees still drop their needles-- nowadays, the colours seem faded, as if I live in an old photograph."

"I only really need glasses for reading, but they make you wear them all the time once you reach a certain age.  It's part of the uniform.  How would they know you were an old duffer otherwise?  They want you to have the right props so they can tell you apart from people who have the decency to be under seventy.  False teeth, hearing aid, glasses.  I've been given them all."

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from Goodnight June by Sarah Jio

"I catch my reflection in the window and I do a double take.  What happened to me?  That curious little girl with blond braids and her nose always in a book has grown into, I hate to admit, a woman who has little time for family, much less books."

"Every life, every story, has peaks and valleys.  You are walking through a low spot now. Perhaps it's foggy in the valley. And maybe you can't see the path anymore. But it's there. Keep walking on it. You'll find your way. And when you come through the thicket, with little rabbits hopping about, there will be a clearing, and the sun will be shining down on you with rays that will warm you and inspire you again."

from Why Your Weirdness is Wonderful by Laurie Wallin

"We've got to get curious, get moving, and get digging in order to find the treasures in ourselves..."

"Hold me back, people.  Somehow life had led them to believe a lie: that when God was doling out aspects of his image in each of us, they'd gotten a dud, if anything.  My heart ached over this.  I wondered how long they'd been missing out on something precious: the amazing, unique, and crucial persons God designed them to be."

from Sultana by Lisa J. Yarde

"Fatima's youthfulness prevented her from comprehending the magnitude of her grandfather's schemes, but Faraj did not enjoy such merciful bliss.  His bride remained an innocent, ignorant child.  He welcomed, yet dreaded, the day her father or grandfather's actions shattered her illusions. He had suffered cruelly from life's harsh lessons and in truth, he did not wish that kind of pain upon anyone, not even the little girl his uncle had forced on him."

from Daughters of Absence: Transforming a Legacy of Loss, edited by Mindy Weisel (a collection of essays from the generation after the Holocaust survivors)
The following quotes are all from the Excerpt of Helen Epstein's Normal-

"In other countries I am an American; in Germany I am a Jew.  Jews were once numerous, now they are extinct.  Jews are news.  The police will see it in their interest to shelter me much as they would shelter a rare tiger or kangaroo."

"I have no grudge against the younger generation,' my mother used to say, 'but every German my age makes me nervous.  I hate to shake their hands unless I know exactly where they were and what they were doing during the war. I don't hate them. But if they disappeared off the face of the earth tomorrow, I wouldn't care one bit. It just wouldn't affect me at all."

"My mechanisms of defense are so much a part of my being that I don't always recognize when they've come into play."

from Heller by J.D. Nixon

"Heller covered me with his body, protecting me from further explosions I presumed, rather than an uncontrollable desire to get closer to me.  I lay there winded, ground into the carpet, glass shards painfully pressing into my face and hands, with his incredible weight forcing the air from my lungs.  If it has ever been your fantasy to have a tall sexy Viking smothering you, let me tell you it's nowhere near as much fun as it initially sounds."

"Let's go,' Heller said abruptly and disappeared quickly down the stairs.  I hurriedly followed him down to the basement level, hobbling in my tight court shoes, puffing by the time I got there.  'You're not very fit,' he remarked scornfully, and if I hadn't literally been fighting for breath I might have shot him an acidic response."

"Much, much later, after I knew more about him, I wondered if Heller had even left that man alive."

from A Burnable Book by Bruce Holsinger

"As the hall emptied, my certainty deepened, and a tingling of unease began at the bottom of my spine, moved up my back, and settled into my heart as a coiled suspicion." 

Any great quotes you want to share from your reading this week?

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