June 5, 2014

Lost in Bookish Links

1. Benedict Cumberbatch reads a letter from Kurt Vonnegut on You Tube.  You're welcome.

2. Grand Central Publishing challenged readers to combine their favorite book titles with hipster culture and use the hashtag #HipsterBooks.  They are, of course, epic.  My favorite?  To Kill a Microbrewery by Harper Lee. :)

3. Jessica Woodbury preaches to the choir with her guest post on Book Riot of 7 Habits of Highly Effective Readers.

4. What do you think of a Hunger Games Theme Park?  Exciting or Terrifying?  Do only one of us come out of the park at the end of the day??

Will we get to do THIS???

5. I forget who shared this on Facebook (oops, so sorry!), but it is a great article about people who fake cultural literacy.  They don't actually read articles but have very opinionated and specific thoughts on the issue anyway.  I mean, actually take 5 minutes to be informed about something?  Who has the time to be bothered with that nonsense?

6.  I can't be the only one absolutely ECSTATIC for Season 2 of Orange is the New Black, which drops TOMORROW, PEOPLE!  I mean, Netflix will probably crash from the traffic from it.  To get you all prepped, here is a list of all the books they've read on the show (well, I think they left a couple out accidentally).  After Season 2 there will probably be even more!  I am excited to discover what they are! Yay for Season 2 of the most entertaining prisoners ever!

Yes, Tastee!  Again!  We can't get enough of you ladies!

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