May 7, 2014

May Kidlit Review

Norah and the Monsters by Michael Yu

A cute rhyming book about a girl who is five - well, five-and-a-half- and therefore is old enough to stop the monsters all on her own.  Teaches rhyming and confidence and is just plain funny and cute.

Emily and the Rainbow Umbrella by Maribeth Gabot and Lisl Fair
Illustrated by Nina de Polonia

Emily loves pink so much that she is delighted when everything she gets for her birthday is pink. Except her grandmother gave her a colorful umbrella.  Emily decided if it wasn't pink, it wasn't worth having and threw it away.  The next morning she wakes up and everything in the world is pink - her hair, the walls, all the crayons are pink, all clothes are pink, even the salt and pepper are pink!  But soon Emily learns that everything being one color is problematic - her friend can't find her cat because all the cats are pink and traffic is messed up because there isn't a red light and a green light just pink lights.  It begins to rain pink raindrops and Emily reaches for the colorful umbrella which magically brings colors back to the world.  While pink is still her favorite color, Emily realizes she likes the world full of different colors better.  

This book says it is a "picture book about colors" but don't assume that means it teaches colors.  It is more a metaphor for accepting differences, possibly liking different races and ethnicities.  I might be reading too much into it, but it is either this or there is literally no point to the story. 

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